Expedition Gel

Expedition Gel

Part No.: 27314-0510


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Perfect for your cruiser or urban commuter, this saddle is like a cushy couch for your backside, thanks in part to its generous padding and spring base construction.

  • Patented Body Geometry design is lab-tested to ensure blood flow t... Read More


  • 專利Body Geometry人體工學設計經過實驗室測試,可確保血液流向敏感動脈。
  • 人因工程學設計帶來直立、放鬆的舒適感。
  • 彈性膠料座弓避震可提供即時、 豪華的舒適感。
  • 凝膠襯墊可提高舒適度與分散壓力。
  • 6級襯墊:適合休閒騎乘使用。
  • 單一尺寸:681g

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