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S-Works Power Arc

S-Works Power Arc

Part No. 27118-1703

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The S-Works Power Arc saddle expands on the success of our original S-Works Power saddle, while featuring the same channel and length as the original. Featuring a FACT carbon fiber shell, rails and lightweight EVA padding for the perfect balance of weight, stiffness and comfort. If you're already a Power loyalist, this iteration features a curved Body Geometry shape that better contours to your body. What does this mean for your ride? It means that you'll feel as if you're “in the saddle, not on it. Ultimately, this equates to greater comfort and superior performance in all seated positions, whether you're a man or woman. This means that it features our premium EVA padding and FACT carbon fiber shell and rails for the ultimate balance of weight and comfort.

S-Works Power Arc座墊從我們原始 S-Works Power 座墊的成功基礎上延伸,同時具有與原版相同的溝槽和長度。 使用 FACT 碳纖維底座、座弓和輕量 EVA 襯墊,實現重量、剛性和舒適的完美平衡。 如果您已經是 Power 的忠實擁護者,經過反覆運算擁有彎曲形狀的座墊,可以更貼近您的身型輪廓。這對你的騎乘代表什麼?它代表你會感覺好像你是"坐在坐墊裡,而不是坐在座墊上"。無論男性還是女性,這都代表著不論騎乘姿勢,都能增加舒適性並讓表現卓越。它使用我們的優質 EVA 襯墊和 FACT 碳纖維底座和座弓,實現輕量和舒適性的終極平衡。

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