S-Works Carbon Mini Rise Handlebars

S-Works Carbon Mini Rise Handlebars

Part No.: 21120-0116

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The S-Works Carbon Mini Rise handlebars blend the durability of DH bars with an XC race weight, and this makes one of the lightest, most versatile pairs of carbon trail handlebars on the market. They also feature a 780-millimeter width, with cu... Read More

S-Works Carbon Mini Rise碳纖維迷你上揚把手,將DH下坡車手把的耐用性與XC比賽車的重量優勢作結合,成為市面上最輕、性能最強大的碳纖維越野車把手之一。 780 mm的寬度,並有裁切數值標記,便於您將把手裁切成為屬於自己的騎乘寬度。

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