RapidAir Tire Sealant

RapidAir Tire Sealant

Part No.: 54120-2100

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Our new RapidAir Tire Sealant was custom-designed in tandem with our new RapidAir tires and Roval wheels to be the fastest tire setup out there.

Through development, we learned that high-pressure, 24-30mm tires require a totally diff... Read More


通過研究,我們了解到,高壓24、30mm的輪胎需要完全不同的配方來密封爆胎。 我們的新型獨家複合物不僅可以搭配寬廣的運作溫度使用,密封長達3mm的刺孔,而且RapidAir密封劑還可以在您恢復正常騎車的壓力時保持踩踏出力。

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