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Direct-Mount Reserve Rack

Direct-Mount Reserve Rack

Part No. 27116-9930

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Hydration on the road is critical, and the Direct Mount Reserve Rack helps ensure that you have adequate supplies of H2O, or your liquid nutrition of choice, right there when you need it. This simple water storage solution holds up to two water bottles, provides a sleek and aero profile, and mounts easily under any SWAT™-compatible saddle.

  • Uniquely designed to bolt directly under a saddle with SWAT™-compatible mounts.
  • Holds up to two water bottles behind the saddle for a more aerodynamic profile.
  • Product is available as a mount-only purchase or with two black Rib Cages included.
公路騎乘時,補充水分非常重要,而Direct Mount Reserve Rack 座墊水壺架可確保您在需要時,得到適當的水分或液態營養補充。此款簡單的儲水方案可容納兩個水壺,符合空氣力學,並可輕易安裝在任何備有SWAT™整合收納技術的座墊下方。
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