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Turbo Cotton

Turbo Cotton

Part No. 00015-1503

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We're not afraid to say that our GRIPTON® compound is the best out there. And when combined with an ultra-supple 320 TPI cotton casing, you get a tire that's very special—you get the Turbo Cotton tire. Both materials stand for master craftsmanship, and they work in harmony to reflect our dedication to building the world's fastest tires. By bringing both of these materials together, we've created the best clincher tire out there. It provides a clear-cut performance advantage.

Specialized的GRIPTON胎質配方可謂所向無敵,搭配超柔順320TPI棉布套管,成就此款獨特的Turbon Cotton輪胎。此兩種材料皆為大師級工藝水準,而如此完美的搭配也反映出Specialized相當投入於打造世上最快速的輪胎。GRIPTON橡膠複合材料加上320TPI棉布套管,成就此款所向無敵的開放胎,具備遙遙領先的性能優勢。
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