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Roval Traverse 27.5 Carbon 148

Roval Traverse 27.5 Carbon 148

Part No. 30118-8007

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The trails in our neck of the woods get pretty hairy pretty fast, so we've found them to be the perfect testing ground for tough, nimble wheels like our Traverse 27.5 Carbon. The steep climbs and descents helped inspire some pretty radical designs, and most importantly, left us with no doubt that these wheels will exceed your expectations.

Let's talk about those expectations. They include everything from the ability to stay true after launching off drops to being light enough to efficiently pedal to the top of a climb—and they all begin with the rim. Our engineers knew they wanted carbon fiber, and with the inclusion of our Zero Bead Hook design, they were able to implement a continuous fiber layup across the sidewall and rim bed. And when paired with a whopping 30-millimeter internal rim width, they made a wheel that's super resilient to impact with low rolling resistance and incredible traction. You'll also find that it helps prevent "burping" during hard cornering, while making tubeless set up quick and easy.

Along with light overall weight, stiffness, and durability, another top priority for the Traverse was ease of use. First off, we got rid of the creaky straight-pull spokes and corrosion-prone alloy nipples. Next up, we landed on 28 J-bend spokes, for front and rear wheels, that are all the same length—making it easy to find replacements if needed. And finally, we engineered a new hub design with a wider profile and higher flange to aid in overall stiffness.

A wider rim does a variety of things for ride performance—it better supports the tire for increased confidence and grip, and it affords you the ability to run lower pressures that help spread impact out over a larger surface area to reduce the risk of damage. And when you combine this girth with the notoriously nimble and playful 27.5 platform, you’re left with an incredibly stiff, quick-to-accelerate wheelset that climbs just as well as it shreds descents.

After designing the perfect trail rim, we kept our lightweight and durable design properties in mind with the wheel build, hand-lacing the rims DT Swiss 350 Classic hubs via 28 DT Swiss Competition Race spokes and brass Pro Lock nipples. Inside, you'll find sealed cartridge bearings and a 36t quick engagement ratchet system for quick accelerations. We also wanted to ensure that each wheel was built correctly, and we found that this could only be achieved by hand. Machines, we found, have a tendency to miss little mistakes that humans catch.

Each wheelset comes packaged with a SRAM XD driver, 11-speed freehub, and a tubeless valve stem in order to make tubeless set-up a touch easier. *Please note that Shimano freehubs are sold separately.

  • Rim Type: Carbon clincher, 2Bliss Ready, Zero Bead Hook design. Black graphic under clear coat.
  • Rim Material: Carbon fiber
  • Rim Width: 30mm internal
  • Front Spoke Pattern: Two-cross
  • Rear Spoke Pattern: Two-cross
  • Spoke Count: 28h Front, 28h Rear
  • Spoke Type: DT Swiss Competition Race J-bend
  • Nipple Type: DT Swiss Brass Pro Lock hexagonal
  • Front Hub: DT Swiss 350 Classic, 28h, 15x110mm thru-axle, 6-bolt, includes 15x110mm 19mm OD end caps.
  • Rear Hub: DT Swiss 350 Classic, 28h, 36t quick engagement ratchet system cassette, includes SRAM XX1 XD freehub.
  • Includes 31mm OD end caps for front hub
  • Bearing Type: Sealed cartridge
  • Every wheel includes a tubeless valve stem in order to make tubeless set-up a touch easier.
  • Assembly Method: Hand-built
  • Total Wheelset Weight: 1700g

林道變得越來越難攻克並且速度也提升了,這樣的改變也成為測試 Traverse 27.5 碳纖維輪組的堅韌性、操控性的最佳場地。想要征服陡峭的爬升和下坡路段,也讓設計更加激進,最重要的是,讓我們毫不懷疑,這些輪組將超越您的期待。

讓我們來談談這些期待吧! 它們包括: 衝刺出發時保持穩定;足夠輕量讓您衝刺到山頂,而這一切都要由輪圈設計開始。我們的工程師知道必須使用碳纖維材質,並且使用我們的零胎唇溝設計,他們能夠在輪圈的側壁和輪框床 (rim bed)上實現連續纖維疊層。當與高達30mm 內輪徑的車胎配對時,成為一組彈性超強的輪組,擁有低滾動阻力和令人難以置信的抓地力。您還會發現,它可以減少在突然轉向時偏移(打嗝 / burping)的機率,同時更容易改裝成無內胎系統。

除了輕量、堅固、以及耐用以外,Traverse 的另一個任務是使用簡單。首先,我們擺脫了吱吱作響的直拉輻條和易腐蝕的鋁合金銅頭。接下來,我們使用 28個J型輻條 (J-bend spokes)上,不論前後輪都一樣,更換零件輕鬆方便。最後,我們設計了一個新的花鼓,具有更寬的造型和更長的軸距,可以提高整體剛性。

更寬的輪圈可以帶來更好的性能, 它能夠提供輪胎更加的支撐,提升操控信心和增加抓地力。並讓您能夠使用較低的胎壓,讓衝擊力能夠擴散到更大的接觸面,降低輪圈損壞的風險。當您將上述這些特性與靈活操控的27.5 英寸系統結合時,你就得到了一個堅固,加速快速的輪組,不論爬坡或是下坡都表現的無可挑剔。

在設計出完美的林道輪組後,我們保留了輕量耐用的特性。使用以 28 DT Swiss 競賽級輻條和 Pro Lock 銅頭組成的 DT Swiss 350 Classic 花鼓。還有密封軸承陪林和 36t 快速嚙合棘輪系統,提供您快速的加速性能。為了確保每個輪組都表現完美,我們堅持通過手工編輪實現。這樣可以避免機器錯過人類才能發現的小誤差。

每個輪組都配有SRAM XD driver 11速花鼓,無內胎氣嘴,使無內胎設置更方便。(請注意Shimano花鼓須另行購買)

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