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Recon 3.0 Mountain Bike Shoes

Recon 3.0 Mountain Bike Shoes

Part No. 61520-2240

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The Recon 3.0 is all about putting the legendary performance of our S-Works Recon—power transfer, comfort, light weight, style—in a package perfect for the XC and gravel rider. Starting with Body Geometry, Recon 3.0 delivers comfort and efficiency, with features that stand-out off the beaten path.

Looking for in the saddle speed as well as off-bike performance? Recon 3.0 mates a carbon outsole with a Pavé-inspired glass fiber forefoot to create Carbon STRIDE toe-flex, which lets your foot function naturally off the bike, yet still provides incredible power transfer with a stiffness index of 10.0. Whether you’re flying up a run-up on the ‘cross course or strolling into the brewhouse post ride, STRIDE toe-flex is a game changer.

We know venturing off-road means venturing into the unknown, so we’ve given the Recon 3.0 XPEL Mesh to create a comfortable fit that sheds water, keeping the shoe light and making it dry as fast as it rides. Our SlipNot compound provides full rubber coverage of the outsole for off bike traction on any surface, with open treads to eject mud.

Dual L6-Snap Boas and a Velcro forefoot closure ensure micro adjustable comfort with a secure fit designed for all day comfort and performance, whether your ride calls for open gravel, twisting single track and even more than your fair share of hike-a-bike.

  • Body Geometry sole and footbed are built with purpose and backed by science to boost power, increase efficiency, and reduce the chance of injury by optimizing hip, knee, and foot alignment.
  • Carbon STRIDE toe-flex technology allows for natural toe movement off-bike but remains stiff for pedaling: Stiffness Index 10.0)
  • Fully-welded upper reduces seams for superior step-in comfort.
  • Independent BOA® L6-Snap dials for on-the-fly micro-adjustment.
  • SlipNot™ rubber tread for confident traction on all terrain with removable toe studs.
  • Two-bolt cleat pattern fits all major MTB pedals.
  • Approximate weight: 355g (1/2 pair, Size 42)
Recon 3.0能夠將我們S-Works Recon的優點–動力傳遞,舒適性,輕巧,時尚–結合,提供XC和礫石路面一個完美的解決方案。從“人體幾何工學”研究開始,Recon 3.0的舒適和高效讓它與眾不同。 您想要加快騎乘速度並且提升越野性能嗎? Recon 3.0將碳纖維外底與前腳掌部分源自Pavé技術的玻璃纖維配對,創造出STRIDE toe-flex可彎曲技術,當您踩踏時,自然的感覺彷彿像是脫離了自行車,但是仍然提供了令人驚人的動力傳遞效率,雖然硬度指數10.0,但無論是讓您在越野賽道上奔馳,還是騎乘後暢飲啤酒時,STRIDE toe-flex可彎曲技術都是改變遊戲規則的發明。 我們知道,越野意味著對未知事物的冒險,因此Recon 3.0 使用XPEL織面,它提供舒適的貼合性,即便是經過小溪,鞋子仍可保持輕巧快乾。我們的SlipNot橡膠材質鞋底有良好的抓地力,鞋底立體的紋路設計讓泥土不易卡住。 雙L6-Snap旋鈕和前頭部分魔鬼氈開闔設計提供即時微調性,讓您全天候騎乘也保持舒適和高性能表現。無論您的路段是充滿礫石的道路,泥濘的羊腸小徑,或甚至在必要時推車都更方便。
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