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2FO DH Clip Mountain Bike Shoes

2FO DH Clip Mountain Bike Shoes

Part No. 61621-0036

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The 2FO DH Clip is all about going fast and taking chances. Nearly vertical trail? No problem. Mega rock garden? Bring it on. Huge gap jump? Send it. Developed with the help of our world-class DH athletes and three-time reigning DH world champion Loic Bruni, we've built this shoe with the right amount of protection, hold, and style to give you the confidence to get sendy. Last but not least, a new SlipNot™ FG rubber sole delivers best-in-class pedal grip and connection when things get rowdy. It's the perfect shoe for going fast when the going gets gnarly.
  • Built with Purpose. Backed by Science. Our Body Geometry trio of the Longitudinal Arch, Metatarsal Button, and Varus Wedge work together to increase efficiency, optimize hip, knee, and foot alignment, and reduce injury risks.
  • Reinforced upper protects and holds the foot to take on the gnarliest terrain with confidence.
  • XPEL™ hydrophobic mesh construction reduces water absorption and dramatically improves drying time.
  • Stiff Lollipop™ nylon composite plate for high performance pedaling and off-the-bike comfort.
  • SlipNot™ FG rubber sole for confident traction.
  • Extended length cleat slot (4mm) for rearward cleat set up option.
  • Synthetic leather upper with added protection keeps you comfortable and is built to last.
  • Cushioned EVA foam midsole for comfort.
  • Relaxed Fit last for a balance of pedal feel and off-the-bike comfort.
  • Two-bolt cleat pattern fits all major mountain pedals.
  • Approximate weight: 393 grams

2FO DH Clip的核心就是要讓您更快,並抓住任何機會。幾乎垂直的小徑?沒問題!巨大的亂石區?來吧!深不可測的落差跳耀?就放手去吧!在世界一流的DH騎士和三屆衛冕世界冠軍的Loic Bruni幫助下開發的全新鞋款,具有適當的保護性、踏板抓握和風格質感,給您十足信心。最後!新的SlipNot™FG橡膠鞋底在遇到任何麻煩時,可提供一流的踏板抓握品質。這絕對是高速時面對困難路段時的最佳鞋款。

  • 我們有目的性的打造鞋款,得到科學的支持。我們的Body Geometry人體工學「縱足弓支撐」、「蹠骨墊」和「內翻楔形」組合共同提高了效率,優化臀部、膝蓋和足部的穩定並降低受傷風險。
  • 強化的上方結構可以保護足部並自信的站在最險峻的地形上。
  • XPEL™疏水性網眼結構可減少吸水,並顯著改善乾燥時間。
  • Stiff Lollipop™尼龍複材板可提供高性能的踩踏效率和騎乘舒適性。
  • SlipNot™FG橡膠鞋底提供良好抓地力。
  • 延長的卡踏固定槽(4mm),提供更多的安裝選擇。
  • 合成皮革鞋面提供額外的保護,讓您保持舒適並更加耐用。
  • 搭配襯墊的EVA發泡中底,穿著更加舒適。
  • 輕鬆合穿讓踩踏踏板的感覺和騎乘舒適性達到平衡。
  • 兩孔鎖孔設計,適合所有登山車卡踏系統。

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