BOTTOMING: Using the total available travel of the suspension.

CHATTERS: Full wheel displacement, or when the wheel is skipping.

COMPRESSION: Suspension movement that occurs when the wheel hits a bump and compresses.

COMPRESSION DAMPING: Damping created on the compression stroke while the suspension is collapsing.

DAMPING: Fluid resistance to movement. The force created as oil passes through holes or other valving systems.

PACKING: When hitting a series of bumps, the wheel extends too slowly after being compressed—enough so that it does not completely return when hitting the next bump it encounters.

POGOING: Uncontrolled rebound.

POOR TRACTION: Wheels not holding a rider’s line.

REBOUND: Suspension movement when the wheel extends. It occurs as the spring forces the shock, or fork, to extend.

REBOUND DAMPING: Damping created on the rebound stroke while the suspension extends.

SAG: Is the amount that the bikes suspension settles under a rider while in the riding position.

SPRING: A mechanical device that stores and returns energy as it’s displaced.

SPRING RATE: The amount of weight required to deflect a spring one inch. The lower the spring rate, the softer the spring.

TRAVEL: The measure of distance from the bottom of the suspension stroke to the top of the suspension stroke.