S-Works Shiv TT Disc

For years, time trial bikes have had very similar attributes - skinny, deep airfoils, sketchy handling, subpar braking, and heavy frames. For the “flat and fast” courses of yesteryear, these qualities may have been acceptable, but with today’s technically demanding courses, TT bikes needed a change.

And with this in mind, we’ve pushed UCI regulations to their limits adding disc brakes, dropping weight, and dealing in the fit for the new Shiv TT.

Is it the most adjustable TT bike out there? Yeah, but don’t think it have anything up to aerodynamics. Here’s to another decade of gold medals. We’ve paired this wind-cheating steed with SRAM’s new RED eTAP AXS 1x drivetrain, maximising every potential gain you could ask for.

And yes, we’re giving you both thefastest and lightest disc wheel on the market, as well as the fastest wheels we’ve ever tested - Roval 321 Disc and CLX 64s.

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