Women's Grail Gloves

Women's Grail Gloves

Part No.: 67016-1314

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Featuring a proprietary pad system designed by Dr. Kyle Bickel M.D., our Women"s Grail gloves are ergonomically designed to provide the best possible fit and protection for women. They"re scientifically tested to help reduce hand numbness by impro... Read More
女性Grail手套採用Kyle Bickel醫師設計並取得專利的襯墊系統,擁有極佳的手感及防護性。經科學檢測證實,此系列手套能促進血液循環,讓手部軟組織均勻受力,有效降低手掌麻痺。以耐用的合成皮革,加上手背部分採用透氣的網狀材質製成,並加入我們備受好評的Equalizer™凝膠襯墊設計。

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