Stormproof Seat Pack – Small

Stormproof Seat Pack – Small

Part No.: 41118-0201

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Our Stormproof Small Seat Pack provides you with all the storage (7.5x4x15cm) you need for your smaller gear in a low-profile, fully waterproof package. It features an expandable, roll-up closure compartment, so you'll never run out of room for th... Read More
我們的Stormproof S號坐墊包給你帶來收納騎乘必需品的充足空間 (7.5x4x15cm) ,並且低調,防水。它採用可擴張的拉鍊設計,讓你的空間不再緊張。卷式開口讓內裝物品安全穩固。我們知道你會在糟糕的天氣使用它,所以我們在後部加入了反光片以及Stix車燈安裝座,提高低光照條件下對汽車駕駛人的可見度。

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