Allez Sprint Frameset

Allez Sprint Frameset

Part No.: 70020-8054

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Climbs, corners, flat-out sprints—the Allez Sprint does it all. Being the most advanced alloy road bike we"ve ever made, and one that often out-performs the carbon fiber bikes of other brands, the Allez Sprint is capable as a crit-racing tool or a... Read More

爬坡、彎道、衝刺 - Allez Sprint可以滿足你所有的要求。身為我們製造出的最先進的鋁合金公路自行車,性能表現超過許多其他品牌的碳纖維自行車,不論是速度競賽或日常騎乘,Allez Sprint都可以勝任。但更重要的是,滿足以上需求,只要輕鬆負擔得起的預算。

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