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Women's SL Sleeveless Base Layer

Women's SL Sleeveless Base Layer

Part No. 64119-1811

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Pulling on an extra layer when the thermometer's rising might seem counterintuitive, but a proper base layer, like the Women's SL Sleeveless Base Layer, can make all the difference.

Wearing a lightweight base layer helps wick sweat away from the body, generating an even greater cooling effect. This is all due to the wicking properties of our VaporRize™ mesh fabric.

To top it off, features like soft-puff stitching eliminate abrasion-inducing seams, while our Slim Fit conforms to your body.

  • VaporRize™ mesh fabrics are engineered to rapidly wick moisture away from the skin, keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable in any condition.
  • Cycling-specific fit and construction complement your movements in the saddle, while also allowing ample room for layering, eliminating bulk.
  • Soft puff stitching gets rid of chafing by greatly reducing the number of seams.
  • Women's-specific Form Fit closely and precisely conforms to the curves of the body, ensuring an unrivaled level of fit.
  • Fabric Content: Knit 93% Polyester, 7% Elastane

在溫度計上升時再加上一層衣服似乎違反直覺,但是有了適當的底層衣(如Men's SL sleeveless baselayer)可以發揮散熱效果。


最重要的是,柔軟的針腳設計降低了騎乘時衣服接縫與身體磨擦的不適,Slim Fit設計讓版型與您的身體服貼。

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