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S-Wrap HD Handlebar Tape

S-Wrap HD Handlebar Tape

Part No. 25519-2503

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The S-Wrap HD Handlebar Tape sets the mark for high performance comfort. It features a diamond texture for incredible grip, as well as a gel backing that pulls double duty. By this, we mean that the gel adds a bit more cushion to the hands, while also helping to absorb road vibration. It also makes re-installation on other sets of bars a breeze. Additionally, this tape is incredibly tough and durable, so you get the Holy Grail of handlebar tape—strong and comfortable.

  • High grip diamond texture provides ample grip and control at the bars.
  • Gel backing for easy re-wrap.
  • Heavy duty and long lasting.
  • Bar end plugs included.

S-Wrap HD 把手捲帶為高性能以及舒適樹立了標杆。它具有鑽石般的質地,提供超強摩擦力,以及凝膠內襯。它可以為雙手提供緩衝,同時吸收路面傳導的震動。而且在其他握把上重新安裝更是輕而易舉。這款把手捲帶非常耐用,它根本是把手捲帶界的聖杯 – 既堅固又舒適。

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