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S-Wrap Cork Handlebar Tape

S-Wrap Cork Handlebar Tape

Part No. 2554-2014

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When you look at the start line of a race that"s bound for rough roads, you"re sure to see bar upon bar wrapped in cork tape. Why? Because it"s tough to beat the vibration absorbing properties of this natural material. With our S-Wrap Cork Handlebar Tape, however, we managed to do one better. It features a dual-density design that pairs cork with EVA foam tape, and the result of this is an incredible reduction in hand fatigue. We didn"t stop there, though. We also gave it an elastomer gel backing to heighten the aforementioned, as well as overall comfort. And for easy installation, we kept everything highly stretchable and low in profile.
  • Low-profile cork/EVA foam tape is sleek and comforting over rough roads.
  • Elastomer gel backing provides additional comfort and vibration damping.
  • Easy-stretch tape with feathered edges creates a smooth, low profile wrap.
  • Bar end plugs included.

當您仔細注意那些路段崎嶇不平的賽事起跑線,一定會看到Cork Tape大量使用在騎士的把手上。為什麼?因為很難再有其他把帶擊敗這種天然材料的減震性能。但我們的S-Wrap Cork Tape可以做得更好。它採用雙密度設計,將軟木與EVA泡沫材質組合使用,極大幅度減了手部疲勞。不過我們並沒有就此止步。我們還提供了彈性凝膠背襯,以強化上述特性以及整體舒適感。為了便於安裝,我們將把帶設計保有高度延展。

  • 軟木/ EVA泡沫複合材質在崎嶇律面提供舒適握感。
  • 彈性凝膠背襯提供更高舒適感及減震效果。
  • 易於拉伸及導角切削設計,幫助更平整的把帶安裝。
  • 包含尾塞。
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