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S-Works Trivent Triathlon Shoes

S-Works Trivent Triathlon Shoes

Part No. 61419-0040

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When seconds count (which is really every triathlon if we're being honest with ourselves), your shoes need to get you through the transition quickly. More so, they need to deliver maximum performance out on the road. That's why we designed the S-Works Trivent for the highest level of competition, so we can sleep easy at night knowing that they're the most highly engineered triathlon shoe in the world.

There are two kinds of speed in tri—the speed that you can get your shoes on with and your speed out on the road. For the former, the Trivent features our revolutionary Tri-Specific Drawbridge closure system that leaves the heel of the shoe "popped" open and ready for entry in the transition. The Launch Clip, meanwhile, puts the shoe in the level position for the best flying start possible. And when you combine this with a temperature-regulating construction, a stiff and efficient carbon sole, and Body Geometry ergonomics, you get the total performance package you've been longing for. Now, you’re one step closer to your best time ever.

  • Body Geometry sole construction and footbed: ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to boost power, increase efficiency, and reduce chance of injury by optimizing hip, knee, and foot alignment.
  • Revolutionary Tri Specific Drawbridge closure for the fastest possible time in both transitions (patent pending).
  • FACT™ 12.0 carbon sole uses high modulus, unidirectional carbon fiber and TorsionBox construction to optimize stiffness and weight.
  • Lightweight Boa® L4 closure system backed by the Boa® Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Replaceable high-strength braided steel lace.
  • Arch-mounted Launch Clip for flying starts (patent pending).
  • Smooth internal lining for "sockless" riding fit and comfort.
  • Open tongue design for breathability and drying with toe Velcro® closure.
  • Replaceable heel lugs.
  • Light, tough, and water-resistant Micromatrix upper for supple comfort.

所有的鐵人三項比賽都是分秒必爭,因此您需要一雙可以迅速轉換比賽的卡鞋。不僅如此,這雙鞋還要能提供公路騎乘時的最佳表現。S-Works Trivent即是Specialized針對精英級賽事特別設計的鞋款,是一雙近乎完美的三鐵卡鞋。

鐵人三項需要的速度分為兩種,其一為快速穿鞋的速度,其二則是公路騎乘的速度。為達快速穿脫,Trivent採用革命性的Tri-Specific Drawbridge束帶系統,讓鞋跟能夠快速彈開,方便快速穿脫車鞋,提升您在比賽項目轉換時的速度。

Launch Clip設計,可利用橡皮筋將車鞋與後下叉暫時扣住以保持水平,在離開第一轉換區時上車快速進行踩踏。車鞋擁有可調節溫度的結構設計、堅硬而高效率的碳纖維鞋底,以及Body Geometry人體工學技術,協助您獲取優異成績!

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