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Roval Traverse SL Fattie 29 148

Roval Traverse SL Fattie 29 148

Part No. 30119-7400

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Trail wheels often fall into two categories—they’re either heavy and durable or light and flexy. And because of this, a lightweight, wide-profile, and enduro-ready carbon wheel seems like something only found in a fairytale, but lucky for you, we made it a reality. The Traverse SL Fattie 29 puts all the features you need in an all-mountain wheel into one package, and it has the results to prove it.

Along with light overall weight, stiffness, and durability, another top priority for the Traverse SL was ease of use. First off, we got rid of the creaky straight-pull spokes and corrosion-prone alloy nipples. Next up, we landed on 28 J-bend spokes, for both the front and rear wheels, that are all the same length—making it easy to find replacements if needed. And finally, we engineered a new hub design, with a wider profile and higher flange to aid in overall stiffness.

What's with the big-boned name, you ask? The Traverse SL Fatties may be wide, but with a 30mm inner rim width, they’re far from the girth of a fat bike rim. But let's talk width. You've probably noticed that mountain bike rim widths have hovered between 19 and 23 millimeters for decades, and they've been long overdue for a change. In the search for a better wheel design, our engineers began testing 2.3- to 2.5-inch tires on 45-millimeter-wide fat bike rims to see what, if any, benefits could be found. It only took them a few rides to realize that the wider rims offered a variety of advantages, like adding additional tire volume, which better supports the tires in hard cornering, greatly improves traction because of the ability to run lower pressures, and noticeably increases rim stiffness. They did note that there is an occurrence of diminishing returns with increasing width, however, and after testing everything from 25 to 45mm, determined that a 30mm inner width is optimal.

After determining the width, we began designing the rim using the knowledge that we gained when developing the Control SL. With this, we started with our Zero Bead Hook technology that gets rid of the weak spot found in a traditional wheel, and combined it with the wider profile to make a carbon rim that effectively dissipates forces. This way, you can take abuse from rocks without the worry of cracks or dents. Ok, so they’re strong, impact-resistant, and tire supporting—they must be heavy, right? Wrong. Even though “fattie” is in their name, they're far from fat.

To achieve this weight, we hand-build our rims to our own alloy hubs, using only the highest quality DT Swiss Competition Race spokes. Inside our hubs, you'll find DT Swiss 240 internals with a quick engaging 54t DT Swiss star ratchet system in the rear that allows you to power over rocks and roots without delay. And while machines do a pretty good job of building wheels, we choose professionally trained humans because they do so with an artistic touch that makes for minimal flaws.

Whether you need a carbon wheelset to get you through an enduro stage or one to shred your local rock garden, the Traverse SL Fattie has you covered.

  • Rim Type: Carbon clincher, 2Bliss Ready, Zero Bead Hook design. Black graphic under clear coat.
  • Rim Material: Carbon fiber
  • Rim Width: 30mm internal
  • Front Spoke Pattern: Two-cross
  • Rear Spoke Pattern: Two-cross
  • Spoke Count: 28h Front, 28h Rear
  • Spoke Type: DT Swiss Competition Race J-bend
  • Nipple Type: DT Swiss Brass Pro Lock hexagonal
  • Front Hub: Alloy body, 15mmx110 thru-axle, 19 and 31mm OD end cap options included.
  • Rear Hub: CNC-machined alloy body, high-quality DT 240 internals and 54t quick engagement ratchet system cassette, includes SRAM XX1 11-speed freehub and 148 end caps.
  • Roval Engineered J-bend hubshells have a single spoke length for each wheelset.
  • Bearing Type: Sealed cartridge
  • Assembly Method: Hand-built
  • Every wheel includes tubeless valve stems in order to make tubeless set-up a touch easier.
  • Total Wheelset Weight: 1735g

輪組通常分為兩類,要不就笨重、耐用,要不就輕巧、易曲。正因為如此,一個輕巧、寬輪軸、可以歷經長久使用的碳纖維輪組似乎只存在於童話故事中。幸運的是,我們讓它成為現實! Traverse SL Fattie 29 將越野車輪組所需的靈巧操控特性放入產品封裝中,您現在也有機會實際證明。

除了重量輕、剛性高和極耐用外,Traverse SL 的另一個首要任務是使用方便。首先,我們擺脫了吱吱作響的直拉輻條和易腐蝕的鋁合金銅頭。接下來,我們使用28個J型輻條(J-bend spokes),前輪和後輪都相同,所以在需要時可以輕鬆找到更換件。最後,我們設計了一個新的輪軸,具有更寬的造型和更長的軸距,以提高整體剛性。

你可能會想問,為甚麼要取這個大頭的名字? Traverse SL Fattie 輪圈可能看起來很寬,但輪圈內側寬為 30mm,還離胖胎車的大輪圈遠了些。但是,讓我們談談寬度。你可能已經注意到,山地自行車輪圈寬度已經從19~23mm徘徊了幾十年,而這一切早就該改變。為了尋求更好的輪圈設計,我們的工程師開始在45mm輪圈寬的胖胎車輪上測試2.3~2.5英寸的輪胎,看看會帶來什麼好處(如果有的話)。他們只花了幾趟路程就發現較寬輪圈的優勢: 如增加輪胎體積,讓輪胎轉向時支撐力更佳,大大提高了抓地力,因為可以使用較低的胎壓,輪圈邊緣的剛性明顯地增加了。然而,他們也注意到,隨著輪圈寬的增加,路感回饋也會減小,所以在測試了25~45mm的輪寬後,我們確定了30mm的內側寬是最佳的輪圈。

在確定內側寬後,我們使用開發 Control SL 時獲得的知識來設計輪圈。有了這個,我們導入我們的零胎唇溝技術,擺脫傳統輪圈中的弱點,這樣的優勢結合了與更寬的輪圈,可以有效地發散撞擊力。這樣您在騎程的時候可以大坦地輾過岩石,不用擔心留下裂縫或凹痕。沒錯,它們很強大,耐衝擊,而且有良好的支撐性—所以它們很重,對嗎? 錯了! 儘管在名字中有 "Fattie 胖子",但它可沒有脂肪。

為了達到輕量,我們手工編織我們的輪圈,採用我們自己的鋁合金花鼓,以及最高品質的DT Swiss 競賽級輻條。您會發現 DT Swiss 240 internal,搭配快速接合的 54t DT Swiss星棘輪系統,可提供立即地傳動回饋,讓您順利征服岩石和樹根。雖然利用機器製造車輪地技術已經成熟,但我們仍然選擇使用訓練有素地工匠,因為他們帶有藝術感地編輪技術,能夠製造出完美地輪組。

不論您是需要碳纖維輪組征服Enduro賽事,或粉碎當地的林道小徑,Traverse SL Fattie永遠罩著你!

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