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Romin EVO Comp Gel

Romin EVO Comp Gel

Part No. 27116-7203

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Keep it low and aero without sacrificing comfort. The titanium-railed, lightweight Romin EVO Comp Gel is a road saddle contoured to put you in a position for optimal power transfer and comfort as you put pressure on your competition. Its supportive foam and gel inserts increase comfort, even in a competitive, aerodynamic position, while the Body Geometry channel is designed to maximize blood flow while riding. And if you're torn between this and the Expert, they mainly differ at the rails. The Comp features durable Cr-Mo rails, while the Expert has lighter titanium.

  • Patented Body Geometry design is lab-tested to assure blood flow to sensitive arteries.
  • Stiff, carbon-reinforced shell for longevity and all-day riding efficiency.
  • Lightweight and supportive PU foam with gel inserts for increased comfort on long rides.
  • Light, durable, and hollow Cr-Mo rails.
  • Tough, lightweight, and water-resistant Micromatrix™ cover.
  • Level 2 padding: Medium density foam for bike feel with additional cushioning.
  • SWAT™-compatible mounts molded into the saddle base allow for sleek and integrated storage solutions.
  • Size 143mm / Weight 273g
  • Size 155mm / Weight 285g
  • Size 168mm / Weight 285g
  • NOTE: 1cm shorter than 2015 model.

保持低騎乘姿勢和空氣力學,無須犧牲舒適感。鈦合金座弓、輕量化Romin EVO Comp Gel是一款可以提供您最佳動力傳遞姿勢的公路座墊,即使在競賽時,施力也能保持舒適。具支撐力的泡棉與填充凝膠,讓您即使處於具競爭力、更符合空氣力學的坐姿,也能增加舒適度,同時Body Geometry溝槽設計可最大化騎乘時的血液流量。

如果你在Expert和Comp等級之間左右為難,這兩個座墊主要是座弓材質的不同。Comp 使用耐用的鉻鉬鋼(Cr-Mo)座弓,而Expert則使用更輕的鈦合金材質。

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