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Power Cranks – Shimano Ultegra Upgrade Kit

Power Cranks – Shimano Ultegra Upgrade Kit

Part No. 48118-2402

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Whether you're looking to take your training to the next level or you simply want a better way to measure energy expenditure, a power meter is your best bet. And the Power Cranks Ultegra Upgrade Kit are no exception. With our lightweight power sensors on a Shimano Ultegra crankarm, it's the perfect way to enter the power meter game.

The development of Power Cranks began with our Human Performance Team looking at riders in realistic scenarios on the bike. Historically, power meters have been validated by two different methods—one is by measuring the produced torque by applying a static, linear load to a crankarm or chainring, while the second uses a power generating motor to pedal the bike. Well, cycling is neither static nor linear, and humans apply power much differently than a machine. So, we found that neither of these methods answer the "real-world" accuracy question.

To get the best test for accuracy, in all types of riding scenarios, we built our own cycling treadmill, the WinMill, to measure power output to a known truth. This new benchmark lets us evaluate accuracy under all riding conditions—seated versus standing, various power and cadence levels, different weights, and a myriad of gear. This data acquisition process is our gold-standard for testing power meters, and through our testing and external validation from the Locomotion lab in Boulder, Colorado, Power Cranks have been proven to have the highest accuracy in real world scenarios (+/- 1.5%).

The Power Cranks are also easy to live with, with class-leading temperature compensation firmware and waterproof enclosures. Calibration is only required during seasonal-type fluctuations in temperature, and the included wrench makes battery swaps a breeze.

  • +/- 1.5% real-world accuracy tested on the WinMill and validated by the Locomotion Lab in Boulder, CO.
  • Works with ANT+ and Bluetooth® devices.
  • Easy set-up and diagnostics with the Specialized Power app. (iOS and Android versions available).
  • Shimano 8000 generation Ultegra left-side power measurement.
  • Right crankarm and chainring NOT included.
  • Available in 170-175mm crankarm lengths.

不管您是想要把自己的訓練提升到下一個層次,還是只想以更好的方式來測量踩踏輸出,功率計都是最好的選擇。而我們的Ultegra版升級功率曲柄也是一樣。我們輕盈的功率傳感器加上Shimano Ultegra曲柄,幫您打開進入功率計世界的大門。功率曲柄的研發從我們的運動表現團隊在現實環境中觀察騎士開始。從歷史上看,功率計一般通過兩種不同的方法進行驗證,一種是通過測量應用於曲柄或者齒盤的靜態的線性負載來測量產生的扭矩,而第二種則使用自行車驅動發電馬達。但是騎乘動作既不是靜止的也不是線性的,人類的力量輸出與機器的差別很大。因此,我們發現這些方法都不能解決真實世界 的準確性問題。為了在各種環境中獲得理想的測試精度,我們打造了自己的自行車跑步機,並稱之為WinMill。以此測量真實的功率輸出。這個新的基準讓我們得以評估在各種騎乘條件下的準確性——坐姿與站姿,各種力量和踏頻,不同的重量,和各種齒比。這個數據蒐集過程是我們測試功率計的黃金標準,透過我們在科羅拉多州博爾德的運動實驗室進行的測試和外部驗證,證明了功率曲柄在現實世界應用中具有很高的精確度(+ /-1.5%)。雙邊S-Works Power曲柄利用獨立的應力計系統單獨測量每條腿所輸出的力量。更提高功率數的準確性。此外它還可以幫助你了解疲勞程度,或是傷痛恢復階段的表現。搭配一流的溫度穩定裝置和防水外殼,我們的功率曲柄使用以及維護都非常容易。校準動作只需要在季節性溫度變化大時執行。附贈的扳手讓更換電池更加輕鬆愉快。

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