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Mountain Tall Socks

Mountain Tall Socks

Part No. 64718-7032

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When you"re on the trail, you have enough to worry about without stressing on your sock situation. That"s why we created our durable, no-fuss Mountain Tall Socks. They feature a lightweight blend of our VaporRize™ yarns, which work in tandem to naturally control temperatures and manage sweat buildup. In other words, they"re comfortable, and to further ensure this, we"ve included mid-foot arch support and a light underfoot cushion to help absorb vibration and chatter from the trail.
  • VaporRize™ yarns are durable and highly effective at moisture management.
  • Lightweight underfoot cushion adds an extra buffer to trail vibration, which also combats friction and hotspots over the course of a ride.
  • PowerBand mid-foot arch supports the foot and secures the shape and t where the foot needs it most.
  • Reinforced Y-heel and toe add to the long-term durability and comfort of the socks.
  • Graded cuff height

當您在旅途中不用擔心襪子狀況,就可以省下很多費心事,這就是為什麼我們製造了耐用、無負擔的Mountain Tall採用我們的VaporRize™Merino紗線的輕質混織,互相搭配達到控制溫度、濕氣管理和消除異味功能。換句話說,它們無比舒適,且為了進一步提升,我們提供了中腳足弓支撐和輕巧的足弓墊,以幫助吸收林道騎乘時的震動和顫動。.

  • VaporRize™紗線具高耐用度,同時在濕氣管理方面非常有效。
  • 輕巧的足弓墊可增加緩衝表現,減輕足部在騎乘震動造成的不適感。
  • PowerBand中足弓支撐,並在提供足部最適合的固定效果。
  • 增強的Y型足跟帶和腳趾設計,增加了襪子的耐用性和舒適性。
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