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Merino Long Sleeve Tech Layer

Merino long sleeve base layer

Part No. 64114-0002

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There"s an old adage for winter riding, and it"s that sweat is death. Think about it: you"re working hard, the blood is moving, and you"re perspiring just as you would be in the summer. But when the temperatures are at or near freezing, that moisture buildup turns icy and shocks the system. The result? You"re honestly running the risk of hypothermia. It"s kind of scary, but our Merino Long Sleeve Tech Layer provides an efficient solution. The science behind it is pretty simple. The base layer is comprised of a blend of synthetic, hydrophobic VaporRize™ fibers and Merino wool yarns that are naturally hydrophilic, meaning that they love pulling moisture away from the skin. And when they do this, our blend of fibers distributes it across a large surface area where it can be rapidly evaporated. So when you think about it, no moisture buildup means that you won"t experience any clammy chills as a result of dramatic temperature swings, and your skin, jersey, and jacket are going to remain dry in order to leave you comfortable. This material also comes with the added benefit in that Merino actually insulates quite efficiently when it encounters moisture, so you"ll remain consistently and evenly warm—regardless of your level of effort. Add to this a flawless long sleeve design and a construction that seamlessly interfaces with a jacket or long sleeve jersey, and you have your ticket to ride all winter long.
  • VaporRize™ Merino wool blend is incredibly soft and naturally wicks away and evaporates moisture, while also targeting and eliminating most odors.
  • Cycling-specific fit and construction complement your movements in the saddle, while also allowing ample room for layering in order to eliminate bulk under the jersey.
  • Soft puff stitching feels as close to seamless as seams can get, virtually eliminating abrasion and chafing throughout the motions of cycling.
  • Form Fit closely & precisely conforms to the curves of the body, ensuring an unrivaled level of fit and comfort.

關於冬天騎車,有一則諺語:「流汗可能致命。」想像一下,您很努力踩著踏板,熱血沸騰,與夏天一樣滿頭大汗,但若在寒冷的天氣,累積的水氣也會跟著降溫,導致身體機能出問題。 結果會怎樣?可能會有失溫的風險;幸好Specialized的美麗諾羊毛長袖機能內襯,能有效解決此問題。



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