Men's Ridge Gloves

Men's Ridge Gloves

Part No.: 67119-3002

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Serious trail riders demand comfort, mobility, and protection, and the Ridge gloves deliver on all these fronts. Their durable, full-finger design features innovative technologies, like our XRD foam knuckle protection, a pre-curved articulated ... Read More

越野賽車手需要舒適,機動和防護能力,而Ridge手套可以在所有這些方面發揮作用。 耐用的全指設計採用了創新技術,例如我們的XRD泡棉關節保護,預彎的鉸接式貼合以及在拇指和食指上的導電矽膠材質,不用脫下手套也方便操作觸摸螢幕。 令人印象深刻的是,我們在實現所有這些的同時仍提供了簡潔的外觀。

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