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2Bliss Ready Tire Sealant

2Bliss Ready Tire Sealant

Part No. 54119-2000

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Our new 2Bliss Ready Tire Sealant was custom-designed in partnership with a leading laboratory for tire sealants, and it also underwent extensive real-world testing with our Factory Athletes. What we developed is an innovative, ecological formulation that's the answer to the requirements that riders like you've been demanding. It will immediately seal punctures up to 6mm, whether it be on a road or mountain tire, as well as across global temperatures [-20° to 70°C]. Natural, micro holes in the sidewalls will seal well, and the system is safe for use with latex inner tubes, even inside tubulars. Please note that this sealant is ammonium-, protein-, and latex-free, so it holds no potential for allergic reactions, and there's no risk of it creating damage to bike parts.

  • Proven by our Factory Team Athletes.
  • Seals punctures up to 6mm.
  • Performs in a wide temperature range (-20° – 70°C).
  • Works in latex inner tubes inside tubulars.
  • Ammonium-, protein-, and latex-free, so there's no risk of allergic reactions or damage to bike parts.
  • Recommended sealant amount per tire: Road: 24-32mm - 30-40ml Open Road: 33-50mm - 50-70ml MTN: 2.0-2.3” 80-100ml MTN: 2.4-3.0” 100-125ml

我們新的2Bliss Ready補胎液是與先進的實驗室合作開發。我們贊助的車隊也大量在不同環境中測試它的效能。我們開發的產品不僅創新,還使用環保配方。它能夠快速密封住最大6mm的破洞,在公路車和登山車胎上都能使用,並且可以在-20°~70°C的溫度範圍工作。側壁上自然細微的小孔能夠被自動封閉,並且還能安全地與乳膠內胎,甚至於管胎內使用。請注意這款補胎液不含氨,蛋白質或者乳膠,所以它不會造成過敏反應,也不會損傷自行車零件。

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