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What's your 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee?


We want you to be completely satisfied your purchase. A copy of our policy, along with a return/exchange form, is shipped out with every order. Should an item that was purchased through the online store fails to meet your expectations, we'll gladly accept its return within 7 days of the original purchase. An exchange can also be made within 7 days for the exact item in a different size or color. It is not possible to do an exchange for an item that is of a different price, however. Please note that this only applies to online store purchases from the United States store. For the return policy on a purchase made at your local Specialized retailer, you'll need to ask them individually about their policies.



What are your terms and conditions?


Good question. Here's a link to our complete terms and conditions.



Where are your international offices?


Specialized USA is a separate entity from Specialized in other countries across the world. As such, there are different policies, procedures, and laws to which Specialized abides to in different countries. To address this concern with the appropriate people, you will need to contact Specialized in your country of residence. Clicking the following link will provide you with the necessary contact information for all of the different Specialized entities across the globe: International Subsidiaries and Distributors


How do I contact Specialized representative or Rider care?


The best way to locate a retailer in your area is to navigate to our website and then use the Find a Retailer link located at the top right of the page. There, you will find contact information for a Specialized representative.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Specialized Rider Care through our Rider Care.



when will rider care get back to me?


If you contact a retailer, please note their retail hours via Find a Retailer link. If you contact Rider Care, working hours will be Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, holidays excluded. A rider care representative will attend to your enquiry within 48 hours.  


How are Specialized products tested for safety?


For several years, Specialized, its suppliers, and test labs have been testing Specialized branded products for compliance with more rigid criteria than what's contained in the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act ). When the CPSIA was enacted into law, Specialized established a team inside the Company to meet and study the legislation and develop a comprehensive plan to ensure compliance. We also personally met with the CPSC staff, along with our industry partners, to make sure our planning would satisfy federal regulators. Based on this, we believe that all Specialized branded products have met, currently meet, and of course, will meet the new CPSC regulations as they apply to our products sold in the United States.

Specialized issues COCs (certificates of compliance) for the following categories of products:

A. Bicycles

B. Helmets

C. Equipment

D. Children's products



Where can I test ride a Specialized Bike?


The best way to test ride a Specialized bicycle is to visit your local retailer. You can find your nearest retailer using our Find a Retailer link.






How do I update my account information?


You can change your account information by selecting Login/Register. Enter your email address and password to view your account information. You can update your email address, name, password, billing/shipping information, and your preferred riding style.



why don't my order exist online?


Your order status and history will exist if you have signed in or signed up prior to completing your purchase online. If you have checked out as a Guest, the order status and history feature will not be available.

Bike registration



How do I register my bike bought online?


Your bike will be assembled by a certified Specialized retailer. Therefore when you pick up the bike at the store, the store staff will be responsible to register your bike info for you. If you decided to assemble the bike by yourself. Please contact Rider Care for bike registration matters.





Can I order online from outside the taiwan?


We only deliver orders to physical mailing addresses within the R.O.C(Taiwan). If you are outside of the Taiwan, contact the Specialized distributor or retailer in your region.

Other markets where online shopping is offered direct from Specialized.com include the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, China, and Korea.

Here is the complete list of Specialized International Subsidiaries and Distributors.



What are the shipping options for Specialized.com?


Free delivery in Taiwan for orders above NT$5,000. Orders under those limits will incur a NT$100 delivery fee. You will be shown the total price including shipping before the order is placed.



How can I track my order? Where is my order? Has my order been processed? What is my order status?


You can look up your tracking number by logging in to your Specialized account on our website and then clicking the "order history" link in the drop down menu on the left, if you have signed up or in prior to purchase. If you checked out using a guest account, the order history and tracking feature will not be available.

We've teamed up with HCT logistic to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on your package while it's in transit. Upon shipment, we will send you an e-mail with your tracking number if you have signed in or up before purchase.

Visit HCT website, enter your tracking number, and you'll see the latest updates of your shipment.

If you have ordered a bike online, it will be fully assembled by a Specialized authorized mechanic before it is ready for you to pick up at the store. Please note that all bikes except the Hotwalk will need to be assembled by our certified mechanic. If you require assistance to build the Hotwalk, please contact Rider Care.



When will you ship my order?


We will process all orders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Order processing schedule are as follows:

  • Orders received after 12pm on Friday will be processed and shipped out on the following Monday.
  • Orders received after 12pm on Monday will be processed and shipped out on Tuesday.
  • Orders received after 12pm on Tuesday will be processed and shipped out on Wednesday.
  • Orders received after 12pm on Wednesday will be processed and shipped out on Thursday.
  • Orders received after 12pm on Thursday will be processed and shipped out on Friday.

When HCT has picked up your package and it goes into their system, a tracking number will be generated. If you have created an account or have signed in at the time of purchase, this will be visible from the "Order History" section of My Account, and then clicking "View Order". There you will find a tracking number.



When will my order arrive?


Once your order is shipped, it will take approximately 1-3 business days for gear orders and 5-7 business days for bike orders to arrive at the address you provided. For Bike purchases, except for Hotwalks, you will receive our call and confirm with you which Specialized Retailer you want to send to for assembly. For assembly detail and pick-up time, the retailer will make further contact with you.

If you put equipment and bike in the same order. Don’t worry we will deliver separately. We will deliver your order of on-body gear and equipment to your address.


What credit cards do you accept?


To make your shopping easier, we're happy to accept payment via Visa and Master Card.

Please be sure to enter your payment information exactly as it appears on the credit card and make sure that there are sufficient funds in your debit card. Otherwise, there may be delays in processing your order. Your card will be billed at the time of your order.

We do not accept any other form of payment, including gift cards.



How do I cancel an order?


If you have placed an order that needs to be cancelled, please contact Rider Care. We will do what we can to stop the order. If your order has shipped faster than the cancellation request, you are welcome to take advantage of our return policy within 7 days of receiving the order.




I live overseas—can I purchase from your online Store?


The Specialized online store in Taiwan is able to accept and process orders placed with a verified credit card. But orders can only be delivered to territories within the R.O.C.



Can I order custom water bottles?


Yes! For more details on customization program, please contact Rider Care.





I'm looking for a product that's not online. What do I do?


Specialized produces many proprietary parts for our bikes that require a certain level of expertise and knowledge to install. These parts are not available for purchase directly from us. The way to order service parts is by having your local retailer contact their Retail Care representative to set up a special order for you.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Specialized Rider Care.



How do I determine the size of my bike?


First, look over your frame to see if there are any stickers indicating its size (for example: 17, 19, M, L, 56, 58, etc.). If a sticker indicating the size does not exist, then follow these simple steps:

1. Measure the length of your bicycle's head tube. The head tube is the part of the frame that the front fork inserts into. It is the forward most part or "tube" of the frame and it is arranged in a slight angle off of vertical. You will need to measure this length in millimeters.

2. Once you have the length of your bicycle's head tube in millimeters, you can then compare that length to the geometry chart for your corresponding year and model of bicycle. A geometry chart is a chart that lists all of the important measurements of your bicycle's frame in relation to each size the bicycle was made in. The geometry chart for your specific model and year (as well as other valuable information about your specific bicycle model) can be found in the archive section of the Specialized website. The archive section can be found by hovering your mouse cursor over the red Specialized banner in the upper left hand corner of any page on the website, then clicking on "Bikes" then clicking on "Archive."

3. Once you've located your specific model and year in the online archive, click on the "Geometry" tab located under the photo of your bicycle. This will show you the geometry chart for your specific model and year in accordance with all of the sizes the bicycle came in.

4. Locate the row in the geometry chart labeled "head tube length" and scan across the row until you find the measurement that matches the measurement that you took from your bicycle's head tube.

5. One you've found a match, scan to the top of that column and you'll see the corresponding size of your bicycle.

Note: A serial number does not indicate the size, model, or year of a bicycle. We will not be able to tell you this information with only the serial number. If you do not know the model and year of your bicycle, you will need to find it manually via the photos in the online archive.

Once again, if you place bike order online. You will receive a call from Specialized confirming you are placing on the right order and your assembly detail.



Where can I find my bike's serial number?


Almost all of our serial numbers are located on the bottom bracket shell of the frame. Some newer models will have a non-removable sticker on the down tube near the bottom bracket. Specialized serial numbers typically start with the prefix "WSBC," "WUD," "STT," or "STE."

If you don't know where the bottom bracket shell of the bike is, simply turn the bike upside-down and the bottom bracket is the part of the frame that the cranks run through. You will see the serial number stamped into the frame down there.



Can I repair a crashed helmet?


Helmets are not repairable. We recommend that you replace the helmet if you hit your head at all. Even the slightest hit can compromise the integrity of the helmet. You simply need to take your crashed helmet into a local Specialized retailer, and they can help you process that as a loyalty replacement and give you 20% off the retail price of a new helmet. Please note that the loyalty replacement does not pertain to helmets that are older than three years old.



What are the recommended service intervals on the fork and rear shock?


When your shock is in active use, a small amount of residual grease will purge from the seals. This is normal—it is not the oil leaking from the shock. These seals need to be damp with grease, and a little bit of oil on the shock is the sign that things are working properly.

To prevent wear and damage to the shock, we recommend the following maintenance schedule for Specialized branded suspension forks and rear shocks:

•   Set sag every ride.

•   Adjust rebound every ride.

•   Clean shock body every ride.

•   Air sleeve maintenance Every 50 hours.

•   Clean aluminum pivot reducers and check for wear grease every 50 hours.

•   Have your retailer send your fork/shock to the Specialized Service Center for inspection and oil change every 150 hours or annually.

•   For FOX and RockShox co-branded BRAIN suspension products, the air sleeve/lower leg maintenance must be performed every 30 hours.

•   For FOX and RockShox co-branded BRAIN suspension products, your retailer must send the product to the Specialized Service Center for inspection and full oil change/service every 100 hours or annually.

CAUTION! All internal shock maintenance must be performed by an Authorized Specialized Service Center.





What is your return policy?


Great Question! See our Returns Policy page.



Can I return a product to a store that stocks Specialized products?


Unfortunately, no you cannot return products purchased from our online store to a retail store that stocks Specialized products. Goods purchased from the Specialized online store can only be returned directly to Specialized. Physical retail stores, being independent, cannot accept or process web store returns.



Can I exchange a product? I bought the wrong size, can I change the product to another size?


Unfortunately, we do not exchange products. If you wish to exchange a product or if you have bought the wrong size, you will need to return your purchase for a refund and then place a new order.



Can I return a sale item?


Unfortunately, according to our return policy, we do not accept returns on sale or marked-down products from our online store.


I have received a damaged product. What do I do?


If you received your product in a damaged condition, please contact Rider Care.



How do I start a return?


To initiate a return for an online purchase, contact Rider Care.



Will you refund my shipping costs if I return my order?


We will refund you for return request raise within 7 days after you receiving the order. If you placed order with free shipping, we will refund the order amount to you. If you placed order with extra shipping cost, we will refund the order amount and the shipping cost to you. When a return request is raise to Rider Care. You will receive email respond with a shipping code. Simply put the shipping code on the outer box and HCT delivery will pick up the item with no cost.



When will I get my refund?


Your refund will be processed as soon as the product you have returned is inspected by our Rider Care team and it is confirmed that it fits within our Returns Policy. This quality check can take up to 1 week from receipt, however we endeavour it to be less. Once the return has been approved, we will process refund to your payment services provider (for example your credit card issuer).

(Please note that the time taken for a payment services provider to provide you with your refund can vary depending upon the provider).





For more information, see our Global Warranty Policy page

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