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Women's Tarmac Disc Expert - Mixtape LTD

Women's Tarmac Disc Expert - Mixtape LTD

Part No. 97219-3049

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Do you have a playlist that gets you pumped? Maybe one song that always makes you smile inside? Us too, and that's what our Mixtape Collection is all about. As head designed Kayla Clarot puts it, We're are all so incredibly unique, but one thing that we all have in common is music. No matter how you ride, Mixtape calls you to make your most bad-ass mixtape and to share it with all who're willing to listen. So, let the design inspire you like your favorite mixtape—loud, unapologetic, and full of energy.

In order cut some grams from the Tarmac, but to also ensure that it's stiff and compliant in exactly the right places, we took major steps to improving our Rider-First Engineered™ technology. From different layup schedules and materials, to visibly different forks, we scrutinized every single aspect of the Tarmac to ensure you're getting the perfect ride. With this revamp, we also updated the geometry, basing it on countless Retül data points and professional rider input. This enabled us to develop a Performance Road Geometry that perfects the combination of a responsive front-end and short wheelbase, which delivers instantaneous response and optimal power transfer.

And while stiffness aids in the aforementioned, compliance must also be utilized for an optimal ride quality. That's why we designed a seatpost that builds compliance into the upper 120mm where clamping doesn't happen, dropped the seatstays, and altered the seat tube shape. We also added tire clearance up to 30mm, which translates to a 28mm Turbo Cotton on a Roval C38 Disc wheel. This allows lower pressures for decreased rolling resistance, increased traction, and more comfort. Altogether, these additions still have the Tarmac riding like a true race-machine, but it also takes a bit of the sting out of road imperfections. You'll thank us on your next long ride.

But why disc brakes? The real question is why not? They offer superior braking power and modulation, work exceptionally well in wet weather, and offer a very, very minor weight addition. All this means that you have more control and can go faster with more confidence.

We also know, however, that aerodynamic improvements are the most important thing we can do to make you faster. Our Boels-Dolmans Pro Tour riders, after all, are demanding aero improvements on every bike. With this, the aero goal was to discover where we could essentially add aero for free, by not taking anything away from the hallmarks of the Women's Tarmac design. During the six-month iterative process, three areas were discovered where we could do this—a new fork shape, dropped seatstays with aero tubes, and a D-shaped seatpost and seat tube. The result? A bike that's approximately 45 seconds faster over 40km compared to other lightweight bikes in the same category.

The build spec on this Women's Tarmac Disc is value-packed, featuring Shimano Ultegra mechanical shifting, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, a Roval C38 Disc carbon fiber wheelset, and a host of women's-specific pieces at every touchpoint on the bike, like a superlative Women's Power Saddle with Mimic technology.

如果您計劃今年夏天參加Grand Tour,那一定要選擇S-Works。但是,如果您正在尋找一趟輕鬆旅程,讓您在周末約騎時慘電您的朋友,那麼在Tarmac Disc Expert會讓您感到名副其實。

透過Rider-First Engineered™技術,確保新的Tarmac在對的地方堅硬且充滿彈性,同時減輕了重量。我們還更新了車架幾何-在基於無數Retül數據分析和專業騎士資料等基礎上進行了改善。讓我們能開發出高性能的公路車幾何,讓前端操控更順暢,加上短軸距,達成操控與動力傳遞的最佳組合。

雖然剛性很重要,但也不能忽略了車架彈性。這就是為什麼我們設計了具有彈性的座管,它可以在上部120mm的空間內增加彈性,並且降低了後上叉。我們還增加了30mm的輪胎間隙,代表Roval C38輪圈可以使用28mm寬的輪胎。可以降低輪胎氣壓,並降低滾動阻力,增加抓地力,提高舒適度。這些改變仍然讓Tarmac騎乘起來像一台競賽機器,只是消除了道路的不完善部分。您會在漫長的旅途中感謝我們。

儘管這一切都很棒,但我們知道空氣動力學是我們可以做的最重要的事情,它可以使您更快地工作。畢竟,我們的Boels-Dolmans Pro Tour賽車手要求每輛自行車的空氣動力性能更加改善。在為期六個月的實驗過程中,我們發現了三個可以改變的地方 - 新的前叉,下沉設計並更低風阻的後上叉、還有D形座管。結果與同類的其他自行車相比,在40公里的賽道中我們可以更快約45秒。當您從大團隊前端加速進攻時,肯定會感覺到更有效率。

這款女性Tarmac Disc Expert可以讓您立即開始比賽,配備Shimano Ultegra 機械變速,Roval C38碳纖維輪組,,以及在自行車與身體的每個接觸點上使用女性專用零配件,例如配備Mimic技術的Power 座墊。

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