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Women's SL Expert Jersey – Mixtape Collection

Women's SL Expert Jersey – Mixtape Collection

Part No. 64118-2931

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Do you have a playlist that gets you pumped? Maybe one song that always makes you smile inside? Us too, and that’s what our Mixtape Collection is all about. As head designed Kayla Clarot puts it, "We’re are all so incredibly unique, but one thing that we all have in common is music. No matter how you ride, Mixtape calls you to make your most bad-ass mixtape and to share it with all who’re willing to listen.” So, let the design inspire you like your favorite mixtape—loud, unapologetic, and full of energy. For the Women’s SL Expert jersey’s construction, we used our venerable VaporRize™ knit fabrics that provide the optimal blend of moisture management and durability. Not only this, but the materials used have an incredibly soft hand against the skin for all-day comfort on the road. Of course, you"ll also find convenient features like three rear pockets, a sweatproof pocket for housing your electronics, and a full-length front zipper, but you"ll also get our Form Fit that makes the SL Expert jersey feel painted on. This detail ensures that the jersey predictably follows all of your movements in the saddle, without leaving any material bunched or flapping in the wind.
  • VaporRize™ fabric construction diligently tackles moisture management, while remaining soft against the skin and supportive in all the right places.
  • Three standard pockets and one sweatproof pocket provide ample space to securely house all of your ride essentials and electronics.
  • Full-length front zipper gives you the power to manage ventilation under hard efforts or chilly descents.
  • Deflect™ UV 30 protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Form Fit provides a precise, second skin level of fit that"s ideal for hard days out, aggressive training, or top-level racing.
  • Cable routing for headphones

您是否也有一個最愛的個人播放清單?也許有一首歌總是會讓你露出微笑?我們也是,這就是我們的Mixtape系列的精隨。正如產品負責人Kayla Clarot所說的,我們每一個人都是獨特的個體,但是總有一首音樂會讓我們找到共同的喜好。無論您的騎乘方式是如何,Mixtape像是您自己的最愛清單集合,並願意大方與所有人一起聆聽分享。

不論是賽事,每日訓練— 隨您選擇。SL Expert Bib Shorts將會帶您脫穎而出。它們是為了享受舒適的騎乘而設計的,我們可以自信地說,它將滿足對裝備要求很高的騎士。我們使用了女性 Body Geometry SL Pro材質,可讓您在長時間的騎乘中仍然保持舒適,並在背帶後方使用HookUp磁性連接裝置,以方便您穿脫車褲,隨時響應大自然的呼喚。

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