Women's S-Works 6 Road Shoes

Women's S-Works 6 Road Shoes

Part No.: 61016-0536

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The next generation of Women's S-Works 6 shoes can be summed up in two simple phrases—explosive speed and superior comfort. The speed comes as a direct result of an incredible, next-to-custom level of fit and an improved connection to the pedals, ... Read More

新一代女性S-Works 6公路車鞋的優勢可用兩種特色概括:爆發性的速度,以及更好的舒適度。其速度來自接近客製化的貼合程度,以及更好的踏板密合度,能提供更多效率與力量。而全新PadLock™足跟設計,結合堅固且輕量的革命性鞋面材質,能舒適地貼合女性特有曲線,帶來無比的安全感。因此您能同時享受頂級的舒適感與極佳性能。再搭配雙Boa®鞋扣系統的出色性能及可調性,讓S-Works 6不僅僅是一雙鞋,還能讓您與自行車合為一體,盡情馳騁。

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