Women's Deflect Wind Jacket

Women's Deflect Wind Jacket

Part No.: 64419-5401


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Packable jackets often fall into the rough, flappy, noisy category, but the Deflect??Wind Jacket breaks the stereotype. It starts with a stretch-woven fabric that's not only wind-resistant, water-resistant, and highly breathable, but stretches acr... Read More
可壓縮的騎乘外套通常製作粗糙,容易飄揚,騎乘時會有嘈雜的拍打聲音,但“Deflect Jacket”打破了這種刻板印象。它以彈力材質製成,不僅防風,防水和具有高透氣性,而且布料可以伸展,騎乘時不會有多餘的噪音。最重要的是,它具有高度壓縮性,可捲收成拳頭大小方便攜帶,提供您完美的騎乘體驗。

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