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Women's Body Geometry Sport Gloves

Women's Body Geometry Sport Gloves

Part No. 67019-1712

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Comfortable, economical, and performance-driven, the Women? Body Geometry Sport gloves are the perfect first-choice for female riders more focused on comfort and a good time than setting records on every ride. They feature strategically placed gel pads throughout the palm, with additional foam padding in key contact areas. This combination ensures that you'll experience minimal hand fatigue from vibration, so you get more comfort and less pain.

Women Body Geometry Sport手套舒適,高CP值,以性能為驅動力,是女性騎士的理想選擇。相較於每次騎乘打破時間紀錄,女生更在意舒適性和在座墊上度過的美好時光。我們在手掌上策略性的放置了凝膠墊,在關鍵接觸區域附加了泡棉。降低您的手因騎乘振動而感覺到的疲勞,提升舒適度減少疼痛。

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