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Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon EVO

Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon EVO

Part No. 98120-5301

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What is it about gravel that's so appealing? Is it the break from hectic city streets and cars? Is it the audible crunch of rocks beneath your tires? Or maybe it's just the feeling of adventure? Whatever it is, the Turbo Creo SL EVO is here to assist you further into the forest, down the gravel road, or on your next adventure. It features the same motor, battery, and frame as its road-oriented cousin, but takes advantage of tire clearance and adds in some adventure-ready components to take you wherever your heart desires. It's you, only faster.

The Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon EVO features out Fact 11r carbon chassis. Yes, that's the same one on the S-Works model, and you'll also get a Future Shock 2.0. For the spec, we included a 1x Shimano GRX group to take on shifting and braking duties, while DT R470 Boost??wheels get wrapped in wide 38mm Pathfinder Pro tires to keep you rolling fast and free on either pavement or dirt. And for the saddle, you'll find that our fan-favorite Body Geometry Power Sport provides plenty of comfort, while the X-Fusion Manic Dropper Post comes in handy when the descents get a little hairy.

  • The Creo SL is the lightest e-bike in its class—literally kilograms lighter than the competition. Not only does the lightweight and stiff FACT 11r carbon frame inspire dancing on the pedals and diving into corners, but it also reduces overall system weight and increases the range.
  • The lightweight SL 1.1 motor doubles your effort with as much as 240 watts of silent and powerful assistance to amplify your ride. The motor’s responsive torque curve delivers power perfectly in-tune with your normal riding cadence and leaves no resistance when riding unassisted.
  • Battery anxiety? Not on the Creo SL. With up to 80 miles of range from the internal battery, the Creo SL eats up big miles and long days. Our optional range extender provides up to 40 additional miles of mountain-flattening power.
  • By connecting with our Mission Control App, you're able to tune the SL 1.1 motor to your riding style, record rides, and monitor the battery. The app can handle battery management automatically too, ensuring the battery will last as long as you need it to. The motor even has a built-in power meter that transmits to any ANT+ head unit. Don’t want to connect? No worries— the Turbo Connect Unit (TCU) on the top tube gives you all the control you need to ride.
  • With the Future Shock 2.0, you'll feel a reduction in fatigue and an increase in speed, no matter the terrain. The 2.0 iteration gives you more control via a knob atop the stem. This knob adjusts compression from fully-open to stiff, while hydraulically-damped internals control rebound. The new Smooth Boot, top cap, and Future Stem also enhance the aesthetic, so you get a clean transition from head tube to stem.
  • We’ve learned there can be more difference between two male cyclists than between a male and female. Gender alone doesn’t provide enough data to specialize. It means that separating bikes as male or female is arbitrary and outdated. With this in mind, we've developed a geometry that's best-fit for all riders. One that's comfortable and snappy on the road, yet features all of the attributes you'd want from a proper gravel bike—a long wheelbase, raked-out fork, and low bottom bracket that keeps the Turbo Creo SL EVO stable at high speeds and delivers control in corners.
全新的 Turbo Creo SL為電動輔助性能公路車種帶來的創新標竿,不會像路騎到了盡頭而停止。Turbo Creo SL EVO 為礫石公路冒險而生,它可以帶你騎的更遠、更快、即便是在崎嶇不平的路面。而所有的高山彷彿就像平地,不論是泥巴路面,碎石路面,或是柏油鋪面。

誰說電輔助自行車一定很重?我們使用FACT 11r碳纖維設計了一個既輕量又靈活,而且更敏捷的車架幾何。搭配Future Shock 2.0避震科技,讓您在高速騎乘時,也能信心滿滿地穩定操控。S-Works Turbo Creo SL 僅重12.2公斤(size: M不含踏板與增程電池)不僅僅是同類產品中最輕盈的電動輔助自行車,也比競爭對手更輕。

相同的出力,雙倍的輸出 - 電動機
您將能夠更輕鬆體驗更快速的騎乘樂趣!240瓦輸出的Specialized SL 1.1電動機能夠給你雙倍的輸出,並且非常平順安靜。在你進行最有效率的踩踏時,電動機也提供最有效率的輸出,在踏頻60~100轉之間,時速25公里內可以提供您充足的動力,彷彿您擁有了一雙強化的雙腿,力量自然的從您的雙腿迸出。

超長續航力 - 電池
續航力的問題,就交給我們瑞士研發中心來煩惱吧!輕鬆打破你最佳的騎乘紀錄, 480Wh的電池充滿電僅需2h35m,可讓您續航高達130公里,外加增程電池可延續65公里的動力輔助,您可以馳騁蜿蜒山路一整天,不用擔心需要找地方充電。

個人化設定動力輸出 – 連結性
透過Mission Control app,您將可以輕鬆、直覺的連線到位於上管的Turbo Connect Unit,調整動力輸出,管理電量使用。整合式功率計可追蹤您的功率變化。即使您不想使用手機連線app,您也可以利用Turbo Connect Unit來調整設定。(功率計傳輸協定::ANT+)


Turbo Creo SL EVO的設計,讓您即便在高速騎乘時,也可以更加穩定地操控,讓行進路線更為精準。更長的軸距,更傾斜的前叉角度,和更低的五通,任何路面都可以輕鬆駕馭。


(SH)搭配我們的 700x38mm Pathfinder Pro 輪胎,Turbo Creo SL EVO即便騎乘在崎嶇不平的碎石路面也可以高速前進。但如果您想要攻克更艱難泥濘的道路,Turbo Creo SL也可以安裝650b輪組,並搭配47mm輪胎使用。

外擴彎把以及升降座管 – 提升操控性能

我們在騎士與自行車的接觸點,搭配強化穩定度的零件,即便在高速騎乘下也能攻克最令人生畏的地形。我們為Turbo Creo SL EVO搭配了外擴12度的外擴彎把,讓行進路線精準不偏移。在崎嶇的路面行進時,可調整伸縮幅度達50mm的升降座管,將能降低您的重心保持平衡。
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