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Toupé Expert Gel

Toupé Expert Gel

Part No. 27116-3305

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Designed with gel inserts and a patented Body Geometry design, the Toupé Expert Gel adds an extra layer of comfort to the Toupé's lightweight, performance-oriented design. The saddle's edges also conform to your body for added comfort, and a choice of three sizes gives a dialed fit. (SSH) Carbon-reinforced shell with flexible edges adapt to your body for a near-custom fit and all-day comfort.

凝膠填充物與專利Body Geometry設計,讓Toupé Expert Gel座墊比起輕量化、機能導向設計的Toupé座墊,更加舒適。座墊外緣依照騎士的身型設計以提升舒適感,並提供三種尺寸選擇,使座墊更適合您。


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