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Toupé Comp Gel

Toupé Comp Gel

Part No. 27116-3005

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The Toupé Comp Gel has been tuned for an outstanding fit, with a flat profile and Level Two gel padding that's perfect for both explosive efforts and all-day comfort. The saddle's edges also conform to your body for added comfort. A choice of three sizes, meanwhile, gives a dialed fit, and the Body Geometry design maximizes blood flow. (SSH) Carbon-reinforced shell with flexible edges adapt to your body for a near-custom fit and all-day comfort.

ToupéComp Gel經過調整,具有出色的貼合性,扁平的輪廓和Level 2凝膠墊非常適合高強度的全天騎乘。 座墊的邊緣也貼合您的身體,增加舒適度。 同時具有三種尺寸可供選擇,座墊與身形更貼合,“人體工學”設計讓血液流動順暢。 (SSH)碳纖維增強外殼,具有靈活的邊緣,可適應您的身型,提供幾乎像是客製座墊的貼合性和全天的舒適感。

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