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Torch 2.0 Road Shoes – Mixtape LTD

Torch 2.0 Road Shoes – Mixtape LTD

Part No. 61019-3336

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Do you have a playlist that gets you pumped? Maybe one song that always makes you smile inside? Us too, and that’s what our Mixtape Collection is all about. As head designed Kayla Clarot puts it, We’re are all so incredibly unique, but one thing that we all have in common is music. No matter how you ride, Mixtape calls you to make your most bad-ass mixtape and to share it with all who’re willing to listen.” So, let the design inspire you like your favorite mixtape—loud, unapologetic, and full of energy.

The Torch 2.0 Road shoes are all about comfort—well, comfort and performance is more accurate. Due to the materials, road shoes often feel stiff and uncomfortable. We decided to address this annoyance head on, though. To do so, we've implemented a 100% mesh and TPU construction on the Torch 2.0 that allows for more wiggle room in the toe box and a less constrictive, sock-like feel. The upper is then paired with our medium-stiffness FACT carbon sole and a rubber heel and toe that provide the perfect degree of off-the-bike traction. For the closure, we added a single lightweight Boa® IP1 dial that features tool-free snap replacement capability, while also providing simple, on-the-fly micro-adjustments.

您是否也有一個最愛的個人播放清單?也許有一首歌總是會讓你露出微笑?我們也是,這就是我們的Mixtape系列的精隨。正如產品負責人Kayla Clarot所說的,我們每一個人都是獨特的個體,但是總有一首音樂會讓我們找到共同的喜好。無論您的騎乘方式是如何,Mixtape像是您自己的最愛清單集合,並願意大方與所有人一起聆聽分享。

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