T-Shirt - Sagan Collection: Disruption


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Take a step back in time with us as we cruise the sun-drenched South of France with Peter Sagan. The new Sagan Collection—Disruption—brings to life the fearless racing style of the ‘70s rouleurs with Peter Sagan’s larger-than-life personality a... Read More

請和我們後退一步,與Peter Sagan一起悠遊在陽光普照的法國南部。全新的Sagan精選系列 – Disruption - Peter Sagan超越常人的個性為精神,喚醒70年代全能公路車手無畏的競賽風格。這個精選系列是這位顛覆性車手和他奮戰精神的終極展現 就是獨一無二的Peter

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