Soft Air Road Mid Sock

Soft Air Road Mid Sock

Part No.: 64720-2765


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Your feet deserve the best, and when it comes to socks, there's no better way to treat them than with a pair of our Soft Air Road Socks. They're constructed from Soft Air Vaporize yarns that transfer moisture like the best in the business. And whi... Read More

您的腳應該得到最好的保護,說到車襪,沒有比使用我們的Soft Air Road車襪更好的方法了。它由Soft Air Vaporize材質製成,可達到最佳水分轉移功能,讓腳乾燥涼爽。我們還在腳趾周圍加入了通風的網狀設計,讓您每次踩踏都舒服。

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