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SL2 Replaceable Heel Tread

SL2 Replaceable Heel Tread

Part No. 611E-9122

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Sometimes, the hill wins and you're forced to walk. It's a fact of life. And if you're forced to walk enough, another fact is that you're going to need to replace the heel tread on your 2013 or 2014 S-Works Road shoes. We have what you need, though, so screw them on and get riding.

有時候大山獲得了勝利,你不得不推車前進,這就是生活的殘酷真相。如果你走得夠遠,你會需要更換你2013-2014 S-Works公路車鞋後跟的膠塊。我們有你需要的零件, 裝上它,然後出門繼續騎乘!
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