Sitero Pro

Sitero Pro

Part No.: 27118-1600

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Designed with our Retül Fit specialists, doctors, and engineers, the Sitero Pro is the best-fitting saddle for aerodynamic time trial positions. A wide channel and aggressive shape provide comfort and support, while SWAT™ mounts allow for aerod... Read More

由Specialized的Body Geometry Fit專家、醫生與工程師共同研發,Sitero Pro是最適合空氣力學計時賽騎姿的座墊。寬大的溝槽和具攻擊力的外形提供舒適與支撐,而SWAT™後置支架則能在符合空氣力學的狀態下,收納您的騎乘必需品。

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