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S-Wrap Roubaix Handlebar Tape

S-Wrap Roubaix Handlebar Tape

Part No. 2558-2025

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When your benchmark is set along the horrific cobbles of Paris-Roubaix, we find that the result is the utmost in comfort. Need proof? Look no further than our S-Wrap Roubaix Handlebar Tape. For the construction, it features a pairing of a grippy suede finish with vibration-absorbing EVA foam. This means that you"ll experience less slip and a significant reduction in hand fatigue. And after witnessing so many mechanics putting up double-wrap, we even took it step further by including by adding an elastomer gel backing for even more comfort and support. If this sounds thick and clumsy, though, don"t worry. This tape is extra wide, so your wrap job will remain sleek and low profile. We even made it to be highly stretchable with feathered edges to make sure of it.
  • A suede finish has been paired with EVA vibration-damping foam for non-slip comfort and a clean aesthetic.
  • Extra wide design creates a smoother finish and easier installation.
  • Elastomer gel backing provides additional comfort and vibration damping.
  • Easy-stretch tape with feathered edges makes the finished wrap smooth and low profile.

當您的設定是為了令人聞風喪膽的Paris-Roubaix時,我們找到了最舒適的完美方案,還需要證明嗎?除了我們的S-Wrap Roubaix車把帶,別無選擇了。在結構上它具有抓握感極佳的絨面及可吸收震動的EVA發泡,您將減少失手機會並大大降低手部疲勞。在目睹了很多職業隊機械師都用在Paris-Roubaix使用雙層把帶之後,我們決定添加彈性凝膠背襯,提供了更高的舒適度和支撐力。但是,如果這聽起來感覺很笨拙、突兀,請不要擔心,我們採用較寬的設計,因此可以讓把帶仍然保持服貼、平整。我們甚至利用了較高的拉伸彈性,並有導角切削的收尾,以確保安裝的完整度。

  • 麂皮面料與EVA減震發泡配方,具有防滑舒適性和清潔便利性。
  • 超寬設計使表面安裝更平滑,更容易施工。
  • 彈性凝膠背襯提供更高的舒適感和減震效果。
  • 易拉伸的設計及邊緣導角設計,安裝後更平整。
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