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S-Works TT

S-Works TT

Part No. 60715-1801

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When time is of the essence, no other helmet will get you from start to finish faster than the S-Works TT. In order to create the fastest TT helmet out there, we turned to the design of the S-Works McLaren TT to make a helmet that truly differentiates itself from the competition. The biggest innovation found on the S-Works TT are the patented Gill Vents that pull air into the helmet and allow it to freely flow out of the rear exhaust port. This makes for a time trial helmet that's not only fast (62 seconds over 40 kilometers compared to a standard road helmet to be exact), but will also keep you cool on the course.

A fast helmet is useless if it doesn’t fit well, after all, so that’s why we spec'd the S-Works TT with our height-adjustable Mindset micro-dial fit system that makes for a tremendous fit and fast transitions. This, along with our lightweight 4X DryLite webbing that won’t stretch out with sweat or water and Instrap webbing system for ultra-light construction and security, make for a TT helmet that provides comfort over the long haul.

Each S-Works TT helmet has been designed around a removable shield, which means that you get a TT helmet that's just as fast with a shield as it is with sunglasses—the first of its kind. Each helmet comes with two removable shields (Smoke and Clear) that allow for the ultimate in visibility when cranking out power while in the aerobars.

With our most advanced Win-Tunnel-developed aerodynamics and ventilation, the S-Works TT helmet is your best option for pure speed.

當時間至關重要時,沒有其他安全帽比S-Works TT能讓您從頭到尾更快速。為了製造出最快的TT頭盔,我們求助於S-Works McLaren TT的設計,讓安全帽發揮與眾不同的效果。 S-Works TT上發現的最大創新是獲得專利的Gill Vents,它可以將空氣吸入安全帽,並從後排氣口流出。這讓計時安全帽不僅速度快(準確地說是40公里的賽道,比標準公路安全帽要減少62秒),也會助您在賽道上保持涼爽。

快速穿脫的安全帽毫無用處,畢竟無法協助您提升速度的話就不合適,這就是為什麼我們為S-Works TT配備了Mindset微調系統,它可讓您快速穿戴調整。加上我們輕巧的4X DryLite織帶(不沾水或汗水)和Instrap織帶系統,可實現超輕的結構和增強安全,讓TT安全帽長期使用時也保持舒適。

每個S-Works TT安全帽都有可拆卸的護目罩設計,這代表您穿戴安全帽與戴太陽眼鏡一樣快。每頂安全帽皆附兩個可拆卸護目罩(煙熏和透明),當在賽道上釋放動力時,它們提供良好無遮蔽的視野。

借助我們最先進的風洞實驗室l開發出的空氣力學優勢和通風技術,S -Works TT安全帽是您實現純粹高速的最佳選擇。

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