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S-Works Sub6 Road Shoes

S-Works Sub6 Road Shoes

Part No. 61016-7540

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The S-Works Sub6 is the most aerodynamically advanced, lightest shoe we?e ever produced. The traditional lacing system cuts down weight, while the Warp Sleeve??lace cover? sleeve worn directly over the laces?s Win Tunnel Engineered to reduce drag and clean airflow over the shoe. When combined with the narrower heel cup, you can save up to 35 seconds over 40 kilometers when compared to the previous S-Works Road Shoe. With the PadLock??heel, it maintains the same secure and snug heel fit as the all-new S-Works 6 shoe for superb connection and efficient power transfer, but in a bold yet minimalist package. Less is more.

S-Works Sub6是Specialized生產的鞋款當中,擁有最先進空氣力學技術且最輕量的鞋款。雖傳統的鞋帶系统可降低重量,但可直接套在鞋带上的Warp Sleeve™鞋帶套,採用Win Tunnel技術,能降低風阻,調節通過鞋面的氣流;再加上較窄的足跟部位,讓此鞋款在40公里的騎乘中,可比S-Works公路車鞋更快上35秒。採用PadLock™足跟系統,此鞋款與全新的S-Works 6同樣可穩固貼合包覆足跟,提供極佳的連接和力量傳遞效率,同時具備簡潔的設計。簡單就是美。

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