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S-Works Shiv Disc

S-Works Shiv Disc

Part No. 97419-0102

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Pro Tip: Use our Shiv Finder to determine the proper Shiv size for you. We've never been ones for dogmatic rules. And with a little defiance of the UCI's rule book, the Shiv sets the new standard for speed?gain. It keeps its aero, fuel, and fit focus, but does so in an entirely new and novel way. Yes, it has disc brakes. Yes, it's easy to travel with. And yes, it takes aero to unheard of heights using storage and fit features that also make you faster. There's only one bike that's going to help get you to the top of the podium this season and that's the Shiv Disc.

To ensure that it's race-ready, right out of the box, we've spec'd the S-Works Shiv Disc with only the top components. Shimano's Dura-Ace Di2 with hydraulic disc brakes is in charge of both shifting and braking duties. Our S-Works Power Cranks, meanwhile, provide you with all the power data you'd ever need. And for the rolling stock, the Roval CLX 64 Disc wheels are not only extremely aerodynamic, but they're far lighter than any other wheels in their class.


  • The incredibly aerodynamic, crosswind-optimized, and non-UCI-legal FACT carbon frame features all the details you’ve asked for. It’s packable, adjustable, has our Hydration and Nutrition Fuelcell systems, and it makes it easy to find your perfect fit. Compared to the fastest 2011 Shiv setup possible (Fuelcell, slammed bars, clean cable routing, BTA bottle), the Shiv Disc is nearly a minute faster over the Kona course. With a more typical Shiv setup, the Shiv Disc is faster by minutes—plural. So, no matter how much you need to carry, you’re sure to have the fastest setup come race day.
  • What was that about storage? Just like with the original Shiv, the Shiv Disc features both Hydration and Nutrition Fuelcell storage options, but we didn't simply reuse them. Instead, we designed them from the ground up. We moved the Hydration Fuelcell from inside the frame to the rear of the bike. Now, it's entirely hidden within the frame (even the hydration hose), which not only allows for more fluid capacity, but it also helps with aerodynamics. The Nutrition Fuelcell utilizes the additional volume created by the "New Shape of Speed" for the down tube, and this creates plenty of room for snacks. How many snacks? 10-12 gels, 4-5 bars, or 5-6 chews fit with ease, and it can also be removed to easily access the Shimano Di2 A-Junction Box or a flat repair kit
  • We also made sure that the Shiv is plenty adjustable for you to dial-in your fit. The frame comes in four different sizes that are based on over 1,000 Retül fits with actual athletes, all to ensure that your ideal fit is achievable. Our Shiv Finder tool makes it easy to determine your size based on your current position, so getting your most powerful aerodynamic position is easily achievable.
  • Adjustability was also high on the list for the aerobars, extensions, and arm pads, so the cockpit is adjustable on nearly every access. Need more or less base bar stack? Simply loosen a single bolt on each side and tilt it up or down. The aerobars, themselves, also offer plenty of adjustability—fore, aft, and pad width, all with aggressive and relaxed positions in mind. An added bonus of this adjustability is the ease of travel. All you have to do is fold the base bar down to the fork, unbolt the cockpit, and your Shiv is ready for the bike box. We couldn't make it any easier.

我們從來就不是只會遵守教條的人,我們稍稍跳脫UCI的規則,Shiv再次奠定速度的新標準。Shiv仍然專注在空氣力學、補給空間、以及寬廣的調整空間,但卻以一個全新的型態完成了這些性能要求。是的,它擁有碟煞。是的,容易拆裝方便旅行運送。是的,它透過整合式收納設計以及個人化的騎乘設定,讓您能夠更快。只有一部自行車能夠協助您成功站在頒獎台中間的最高位置,那就是Shiv Disc。

為了達到"為賽道而生,開箱即可使用"的要求,我們在S-Works Shiv Disc只使用頂尖套件。Shimano Dura-Ace Di2電子變速以及液壓碟煞提供變速與制動,我們的S-Works Power功率曲柄提供您準確的功率數據。Roval CLX 64碟煞輪組不僅具有極強的空氣力學性能,而且比其他同類輪組更加輕量。

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