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S-Works Epic Frame – LTD

S-Works Epic Frame – LTD

Part No. 70319-0402

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With more World Championship titles, Olympic medals, and Cape Epic wins than you can count, the S-Works Epic LTD frame can truly be built as the fastest XC bike on the planet. Fast and flat, rowdy and technical, punchy and hard—no matter the course, it’s the best tool to get you to the top of the podium.

Race courses have evolved over the past few years. They're more technical, steeper, and more challenging to ride. But instead of quivering in our boots, we saw this as an opportunity to make something special—something that both World Cup athletes and XC riders alike can instantly feel the benefit from. We looked at the sum of parts that make a bike handle well, like the head angle, reach, stack, chainstay length, fork offset, etc., and reevaluated all of it. Increasing the reach made a bike that was more stable at speed and generally more comfortable to ride. Dropper posts? Yep, those fit, and not just a short-travel XC option, but full-length droppers that fit in the 30.9mm seat tube. Head angle? We slacked that out, but not without evaluating the overall handling package. It now lands on a custom offset, 42mm fork that works with the slacker head angle in order to behave itself in tight corners and through switchbacks.

Next comes Brain 2.0. The original Brain changed the way the bike world looked at suspension, both in its inefficiencies and benefits alike. And oh, was it good. It won races and put a flag in the ground for us as a true leader in innovation and suspension development, but we knew that we could make it better. Simple physics told us that, by moving the Brain closer to the rear axle, it would be in the most sensitive spot. And after countless hours with the RockShox team, the Brain became more than just a slight upgrade. It's totally reborn. Now, it reacts seamlessly to bump forces, it has much more consistent damping performance, and finally, it integrates the hoses into the suspension links. This, in turn, improves oil paths, and it creates an incredibly sleek package that outperforms anything on the market.

The Epic also has a rider Rider-First Engineered™ design that places complex carbon pieces in all the right places, and this greatly increases stiffness in the front-end for a vast improvement in ride quality and control. To go along with this, each frame size has size-specific tubes that result in the stiffest, best riding XC bike we've ever developed—no matter the frame size.

And while stiffness, Brain technology, and geometry features are cool and all, we know what you're thinking, 'What about weight?' We're glad you asked. With the goal of the new Epic to be the fastest XC mountain bike we've ever made, weight was at the top of our priorities list. We started with an efficient frame layout and tube shapes that feature clean cable routing, integrated channels through the shock extension, straight tubes with less curves, and optimized torsion profiles in every section. And, if you're curious, this weight savings is equivalent to shedding a chainstay and shock extension from the previous Epic—nearly 350 grams.

This frame comes equipped with a custom RockShox Micro Brain rear shock w/ a Spike Valve. Building out the rest of that dream build is up to you—we hope to see it out on the course soon.

S-Works Epic車架擁有世上最多的冠軍,奧運獎牌和Epic Cape勝出頭銜。可以稱為地表最快的XC越野自行車。快速而流暢,狂野又技術高超-無論如何,這都是讓您登上領獎台的最佳工具。

越野賽道在過去幾年中不斷變化。它們更具技術性,更陡峭,更具挑戰性。但是,我們沒有感到害怕,而是把它看作是挑戰-世界杯運動員和XC騎士都可以立即從中受益。我們研究了讓自行車手感良好的零配件組合,例如車頭角度,延伸量,堆高量,鏈條長度,前叉偏移量等,並重新評估了所有零件。延伸量加大讓自行車在高速時更穩定,騎起來更舒適。升降座管是短避震行程XC的好選項,可輕易搭配在30.9mm座管中。我們也讓頭管角度更後傾。並且搭配42mm offset的避震前叉,讓它在狹窄的角落和通過轉彎時表現出色。

Brain 2.0避震科技。最初的Brain改變了自行車界看待懸吊的方式,為我們成為懸吊創新的真正領導者,但我們知道我們可以做得更好。簡單的物理學告訴我們,通過將Brain移近後軸心,將提升它的靈敏度。在與RockShox團隊合作無數小時之後,Brain的功能不僅僅得到了升級。還可以說是完全重生了。現在,它可以無縫地抵抗撞擊力,有表現更一致的阻尼,最後,它將管線集成到車架中。不僅改善了油路,外表更滑順美麗,勝過市場上任何其他產品。

Epic還具有Rider-First Engineered™設計,利用將復雜的碳纖維疊布放置在正確的位置,大大增加了前端的剛性,改善了騎乘的品質和操控力。由於每個車架尺寸都有特定的管型,但無論尺寸如何,騎乘的體驗都一樣完美。

那重量呢? 新款Epic的目標是成為我們有史以來最快的XC越野登山車,所以重量是我們的首要任務。我們從重新設計車架和管形開始,讓它具有乾淨的走線,通過減震器延伸的集成通道,彎曲程度較小的直管,以及每個部分的優化扭轉點。節省了相當於一個Epic前叉的重量(將近350克)。

此車架配備了定制的RockShox Micro Brain避震器,帶有Spike Valve。其他的完全取決於您,我們希望很快能在賽道上看到你開心的騎乘著它。

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