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S-Works Aerofly II Carbon Handlebars

S-Works Aerofly II Carbon Handlebars

Part No. 21019-0138

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Improving on the original S-Works Aerofly, the S-Works Aerofly II takes the knowledge of countless Win Tunnel hours and transfers it into handlebars that are not only fast (you save around 20+ seconds over 40k), but that also have a myriad of features that make them comfortable. Starting with the tops, you'll find a textured surface that ensures your hands stay in place in when it's wet, plus there's a step that makes bar tape even with the tops of the bars for both comfort and a clean look. Next up, we took feedback from our World Tour teams and pushed the airfoil forward, and this ensures more forearm and knee clearance. And finally, we made the Aerofly II lighter. In fact, at a mere 235 grams in size 42cm, it’s the lightest aero road bar in its category. Consider it aero without compromise.

  • Win Tunnel Engineered to save 20+ seconds over 40km vs a round bar.
  • FACT Carbon construction yields lightest-in-class aero bar at 235g (size 42cm).
  • Innovative features, like textured tops and a smooth bar tape step, enhance your experience.
  • Designed for internal brake and shifter cables—electronic compatible.
  • Bar width (center-to-center): 40/42/44cm
  • Bend: 40/42/44cm—130mm drop x 80mm reach, 38cm—125mm drop x 75mm reach

將原來的S-Works Aerofly改進,S-Works Aerofly II經過無數Win Tunnel 風洞實驗室測試,它不僅讓您速度更快(在40k的距離中,可縮短約20秒),而且還有許多令人興奮的功能。從上往下,你會發現表面的紋理處理,增加手掌的摩擦力,即便是潮濕的情況下。接下來,我們從世界巡迴賽頂尖團隊中取得回饋,進一步精進了空力優勢,讓前手臂與膝蓋能有更多活動空間。最後,我們讓它更輕。在42cm的寬度下只有235克重,它是同類別中最輕量的公路車把手。具有毫不妥協的空力優勢。

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