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S-Works 7 Road Shoes

S-Works 7 Road Shoes

Part No. 61018-7341

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What makes the perfect cycling shoe? Is it exceptional power transfer? Superior Comfort? Undeniable style? The simple answer is yes to all of the above. With the S-Works 7, you get a shoe with no compromises.

We took a no holds barred approach to transferring every bit of your power to the pedals. The lighter and stiffer Powerline™ carbon sole is new and brought to you by the same team that developed Rider-First Engineering. Why's this special? Because it led to our lightest and stiffest carbon outsole to date. A completely refined Padlock™ Heel, meanwhile, packs in more comfort with the same exceptional heel hold that you found in the previous iteration. And finally, the space-grade Dyneema™ material used in the upper doesn’t stretch when pulled on, making sure that your foot stays where it’s supposed to. With these all features combined, you can be sure that we’ve kept in line with the motto “every watt is sacred.”

In the comfort arena, we kept all of the Body Geometry features you know and love, like the Longitudinal Arch, Varus Wedge, and Metatarsal Button. Each one of these features have been ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to not only boost power, but also to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of injury. We also took luxury into account by designing the S-Works 7 to have form that complements its function, so you'll find seams that are bonded together, rather than sewn, cleaning up the lines and contouring to your foot with slipper-like comfort. The custom CNC’d alloy BOA® dials also add some panache, but they also feature durable spring clutch internals and precise, one-millimeter micro-adjustments that let you perfectly dial in your fit.

The S-Works 7 embodies everything we know about footwear, compacted into one shoe–no compromises, no shortcuts, just explosive speed and superior comfort.

什麼樣的鞋可以稱為完美的自行車鞋?是卓越的能量傳遞?更佳的舒適度?還是無可挑剔的外型?答案當然是要三者皆備。有了S-Works 7,您就一項都不用妥協。

Specialized力求將您的每一份力量都傳遞到踏板上。由開發Rider-First Engineering科技的相同團隊為您帶來更輕、更堅硬的全新Powerline™碳纖維鞋底。此鞋款之所以與眾不同,是因為擁有至今最輕盈且堅硬的碳纖維鞋底;以及更完善的Padlock™足跟系統,能提供和前代產品同樣出色的足跟固定效果,但更加舒適;並使用航太等級Dyneema™材質的鞋面,在拉提時不會延伸,可確保足部停留在應保持的位置。綜合以上特性,您可以確信Specialized已遵守「重視每瓦特動力」的座右銘。

而關於舒適度,Specialized也保留大家熟悉且喜愛的Body Geometry特色,例如縱向足弓、外旋足弓墊片和蹠骨墊片。這些特點都符合人體工學設計並經過科學測試,能增加力量輸出、提升效率並減少受傷機會。設計鞋款外型時,我們也將奢華感納入考量,讓S-Works 7的外型與功能相輔相成,因此您會發現縫線是黏合在一起,而不是車縫的,因此能使線條更加流暢,提供如同拖鞋般舒適且貼合足部的曲線。而客製化的CNC鋁合金BOA®旋鈕更有派頭,但仍具備耐用的彈簧卡榫,以及精準的1mm微調,方便您調整到最佳的貼合度。

Specialized將對鞋類的所有知識都運用在S-Works 7的設計中,使其成為一款不妥協、不走捷徑,只提供爆發性的速度與更佳舒適度的鞋款。

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