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Roval Traverse Fattie 27.5 148

Roval Traverse Fattie 27.5 148

Part No. 30119-8200

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In the early design phases of our Traverse Fattie 27.5, we recognized that the number of aluminum wheels that had the prowess to both shred rowdy descents and to provide the efficiency required of our Northern California testing grounds' relentless climbs were far and few between. We also came to realize that trail riders expect certain features in a super nimble, send-it-ready wheelset. And for the price, we found that alloy hit many of these expectations, while also keeping enough jingle-jangle in your wallet for a post-ride beverage.

Along with light overall weight, stiffness, and durability, another top priority for the Traverse was ease of use. First off, we got rid of the creaky straight-pull spokes and corrosion-prone alloy nipples. Next up, we landed on 28 J-bend spokes, for front and rear wheels, that are all the same length—making it easy to find replacements if needed. And finally, we engineered a new hub design, with a wider profile and higher flange to aid in overall stiffness.

We took the traditional 19- to 23-millimeter standard and moved it out to what we found worked best in testing—a whopping 30mm “Fattie” width. A wide rim does a variety of things for ride performance—it better supports the tire for increased confidence and grip, it affords you the ability to run lower pressures, and it spreads impact out over a larger surface area to reduce the risk of damage. We also added our Zero Bead hook design to the mix, and this ultimately aids in preventing “burps” during hard cornering, while also making tubeless set up quick and easy.

After developing what we found to be the perfect alloy trail wheels, we went farther down the perfection path, hand-lacing the rims to our own alloy hubs that allow for the same spoke length throughout the entire wheelset, via 28 DT Swiss Revolution J-Bend spokes and Pro Lock nipples. Inside our hubs, you'll find sealed cartridge bearings and DT Swiss 360 rear internals that'll keep you rolling smoothly for miles. We also wanted to ensure that each wheel was built correctly, so we built them by hand.

Each wheelset comes packaged with a SRAM XD-driver and a tubeless valve stem in order to make tubeless set-up a touch easier. Please note that Shimano freehubs are sold separately.

在我們的Traverse Fattie 27.5早期設計階段,就意識到鋁合金輪圈既能粉碎粗暴的下坡路段,又能提供北加州試驗場無情爬升所需的效率。我們還發現,越野騎士希望反應敏捷的操控性。以性價比來說,我們發現鋁合金達到了這些期望,同時還為您的錢包鬆了一口氣。



在開發出我們認為是理想的合金輪圈之後,我們使用28 DT Swiss Revolution J-型輻條將輪圈固定到花鼓上,使用長度相同的輻條。Pro Lock輻條頭。在花鼓內則使用密封的套筒軸承和DT Swiss 360 rear internals,可讓您平穩騎乘。為了確保每個輪圈的品質,我們使用手工製造。

每個輪圈對含有SRAM XD Driver無內胎氣轉換氣嘴,讓無內胎設置更加容易。請注意,Shimano 花鼓為單獨出售。
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