Roval C 38 Disc Wheelset

Roval C 38 Disc Wheelset

Part No.: 30018-4500

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Roadies all drool over carbon wheels, but the price tag often puts them out of reach. The new C 38 Disc wheels break down this barrier while bringing reliable, high performance carbon road wheels to the masses.

With the C 38, we develop... Read More

公路車騎士都對碳纖輪組相當垂涎,但是價格通常會讓他們打退堂鼓。新款C 38 碟煞輪組將此障礙打破,而帶來高性質與可靠的大眾化輪組。

在C 38上,我們開發了挑惕騎士所需求的全新輕量耐用的碳纖框,並搭配了可靠的DT Swiss零件,例如DT 350花鼓所使用的內部零件與Competition幅條。新款C 38 也有完美的框高 (38mm),所以可搭配在所有車種上,從 gravel bike 到空力車上,或任何之間的車種

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