Roll Cage

Roll Cage

Part No.: 43116-3004

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The Roll Cage is a durable, stamped aluminum water bottle cage that's compatible with SWAT™ accessories for tool and storage integration. It also features a unique left, right, and center mounting design that allows you to easily manage bottles wh... Read More
Roll Cage是一款耐用的沖壓鋁製水壺架,可搭配SWAT™附件工具或收納組合,還擁有獨特的左開、右開與中央安裝設計,讓您能在車架上的有限空間中輕鬆放置水壺。

   SWAT™ 技術,支援對應配件安裝。




   相容MTB SWAT™ Box (仍須確認車架空間)

     重量t: 50g

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