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Road Tube Spool with Tube & Cartridge

Road Tube Spool with Tube & Cartridge

Part No. 53215-1195

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The Road Tube Spool is a simple, compact system that'll carry everything you need to fix a flat without weighing you down. To do so, its design allows for a spare tube, with up to an 80mm valve stem, to be rolled-up without damaging the tube. Meanwhile, the Spool easily holds a lever, CO2 cartridge, and a valve head.

Road 內胎工具是一個簡潔的工具組,包含簡易換胎所需的一切工具。 他可以將備胎(最長80mm的充氣閥)捲起來而不壓壞內胎。 同時,充氣閥可輕鬆與換胎工具、CO2氣瓶、和充氣轉換頭固定,方便攜帶。

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